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If it's not prom night, it's graduation. Or ladies and then of course there's so-and-so's wedding! From this season on, we're likely to spot ourselves in everyone's picture, some of us wondering how those raccoon eyes and that bad eyeliner got together and made a mockery of us. Beauty makeup pictures.

Avoid the embarrassment! Stay on top of your beauty game to make sure your makeup looks perfect in every picture!

Peace out, pores! I like to think of primer as makeup's other half, you can't really appreciate one without the other.

Just a dime-sized amount works for your entire face and a swipe on your lids. What it actually does is create a barrier between your makeup and skin so that everything stays perfectly in tact.

Now you can stop worrying about those "up-close-and-personal" pictures!

Apply Your Makeup In Natural Lighting

Beautiful makeup eyes pictures

The best way to know for sure that your makeup will look good anywhere, is to apply it in natural lighting.

I always use this trick for my makeup routine, because what you see in natural lighting is exactly what other people will see, and also what most camera settings will pick up.

Use this time also to carefully blend your concealer and foundation to avoid any streaking.

Summer is right around the corner, which means our skin color will shift through multiple shades, so its always a good idea to make sure that we're wearing the correct color of foundation and concealer.

Before any event, I like to take a few at-home pictures with my current foundation and concealer to make sure it still looks good and I don't have any extra bright or dark circles under my eyes.

Beauty makeup pictures

For best application, warm up the product on your hand first.

I'm a crier. I'll admit it. One "emo" moment and I've completely lost it...However, I do clean up quick!

With the right eyeliner + mascara combo, you can bawl your eyes out without feeling bad about it. Your makeup won't budge.

If you're trying to decide on mascara, go black and waterproof. Black will really make your eyes pop in pictures and it also gives your lashes a nice glossy finish.

After I'm completely done with everything, I always like to zone in and perfect any places I might have missed.

Beauty makeup pictures

This is the best time to touch up the tips of your lashes, add powder and blend any harsh eyeshadow lines.

In most pictures it can look like you're not wearing any makeup, so don't be afraid to add just a tad more color on your cheeks or shadow into your crease. (Just don't go overboard!)

Don't stop here, though! Get your tresses whipped for pictures too, with one of our easy-peasy hair-spirations, right here! Have fun!

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