Makeup and beauty products online india. 15 Instagrams to Follow for the Best Brown Girl Beauty Inspiration

In the talk surrounding the rise of women of color as social media influencers and stars, we often leave our Indian sisters of color out of the conversation. These ladies of Indian heritage are slaying the social media beauty scene as well, with makeup tips and tricks that all women of color can benefit from. Make sure you add some of the gorgeous ladies to your list of gurus you follow on the ‘Gram and check out their YouTube channels for tips and inspo! Makeup and beauty india.

Her blog features everything from the latest in Indian fashion to beauty, even to travel. She personally curates all of the content for her blog, and is a prominent Indian social media influencer.

With over one million Insta followers and YouTube subscribers, this beauty guru and influencer gives tips on everything from beauty to fashion, and has even written her own book!

A DIY queen, this blogger creates easy to follow makeup (and crafts) videos that have helped her rack up the social media following. She’s also a body positive, plus size fashionista!

Not to be confused with Regina George, this humorous YouTuber is known for her makeup tutorials for those with darker skin tones and deeper complexions.

This beauty guru is known for her skincare tips and easy makeup tutorials. One of her most popular videos is one on how to thread your own brows!

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This mega Instagram star creates content that shows you how to do everything from moisturize to diminish stains on teeth- all through using natural ingredients. In addition, she treats her over 4 million followers to captivating makeup and hair tutorials.

Known for her “inspired” makeup tutorials, she’s created content that ranges from how to do a Kylie Jenner inspired look as a Desi girl, to ways to jazz up your look for traditional Indian festivals (like Diwali).

This gorgeous blogger creates chic makeup and fashion looks all while sporting a hijab. In addition to being a content creator, she’s also the CEO Pearl Daisy &, Lashionery and the Cofounder of Ardere Cosmetics.

This Germany based beauty is known for her stunning beauty and travel photos, in addition to her celebrity transformation Youtube tutorials!

This fashion and beauty blogger stuns the web when she creates easy yet flawless tutorials and travel and style diaries.

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This beauty, based in Australia, is known for her bright content photos on Instagram and her makeup hauls for darker skin tones on YouTube.

Based in London, this beauty is known for her stunning eye makeup tutorials and her fiery personality in her YouTube videos.

Living in Japan, this blogger makes beauty and lifestyle videos, with her most popular being wedding and party looks.

This YouTuber from Mumbai is an accountant by day, and mega makeup guru by night. With what started out as a hobby and love for makeup, Bhumika turned her blog into a passion side project and her YouTube channel is a go-to for makeup tutorials.

This fashion and beauty vlogger frequently partners with brands to bring makeup tutorials to social media, in addition to some amazing skincare tips.

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