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If you love opening a beauty box like I love opening a beauty box (it's like a birthday present in my mail once a month from a complete stranger, so what's not to love?), then take a look at ten fantastic Korean Beauty boxes on the scene right now. Beauty and makeup love.

The Beauty Box

Quick background for those not familiar with the beauty box trend: over the last few years, companies like Birchbox and Glambox have become very popular for offering subscription services where, for a monthly fee, subscribers receive sample sizes of beauty and skincare products that are beautifully packaged in pretty gift boxes. Users can test out the contents and, if they wish, purchase full-size quantities of featured products on the company's website. The popularity of K Beauty has led to K Beauty-specific beauty boxes becoming available outside of Asian markets. At first glance, the boxes may seem like they're all basically the same, but on closer inspection, there is quite a spectrum between your Memebox and your Mask Box.

**While the boxes are a fun way to try new products, a note of caution regarding subscriptions services: there's always a chance you'll wind up with a bunch of tiny products you'll never use or a lot of makeup you don't like (it happens to the best of us)—and that can feel wasteful. Many of these services offer single-box options, so you aren't locked into a subscription.


Memebox is very similar to Birchbox: same adorable little box in the mail and a similar range of skincare and makeup samplings. The biggest difference is that Memebox is not a subscription service, so it's lower commitment. They also offer three varieties of boxes at different price points.

The 3b Box is a skincare-centric subscription service featuring four or more sample-sized products (the site states they sometimes include full-size versions), along with detailed directions on how to use each product.

Beauty and makeup love

Mishi Box

Mishi Box focuses on the latest in K Beauty, and sends subscribers "5 - 6 deluxe-sized samples and full-sized Korean beauty products from a wide range of Korean brands." At $19.95/month, it's a commitment, but reviewers seem very pleased with the quality of the products and detailed information cards that accompany each shipment.


The YesStyle Sample K Beauty Box is a one-time offer, not a subscription, so it's a low-commitment way to try some new products and would also make a great gift.

Miss Tutii

Miss Tutii is a subscription service with a range of options, from a $14/month Tutii bag of goodies to the much more comprehensive Tutii Box (pictured above) at $25. There is also a Tutii Mask subscription, which offers a variety of K Beauty masks each month.

Beauteque BB Bag

The Beauteque BB Bag is a monthly service that labels itself a value, as they send more products than other services (at least six) and full-sized quantities of everything from well-regarded body and skin care products to trendy makeup.

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Mask Box

Mask Box is a subscription service focused on, you guessed it, Korean sheet masks, of which there are many (endless, maybe?). Each monthly box contains 3 masks selected to address specific skin needs (hydration box, anti-aging box, troubled skin box, etc).

Pink Seoul

Pink Seoul offers a more customized beauty box experience, allowing subscribers to build their beauty box based on skin type, skin tone, and a list of specific skin issues. Boxes are delivered bi-monthly and products are full-sized, not samples.

Jini Beauty

Jini Beauty is a K Beauty subscription service focused on delivering goods to meet specific skin needs. Boxes are created around four specific skin types (normal/combination, oily/acne, dry/mature, or sensitive/troubled) and subscribers can choose from a one, three, or six box plan.

Bomi Box

At $37/month, Bomi Box is an investment, but each box includes eight full and "deluxe sample size" products. And after taking a gander at their past boxes, the products included are the high-quality heavy hitters in K Beauty, like Mizon's Snail Recovery Gel, Son &, Park Beauty Water, and Missha BB Boomer. So, while pricey, these boxes contain solid content.

Is love and beauty makeup good

Want more Korean beauty products? Or, are you interested in a recommended 10-step skincare routine? Check out these popular Korean skin care products:

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