Beauty and makeup tutorials. Make Your Talent Shine with These After Effects Beauty Tutorials

Learn how to smooth, blend, and shine away unsightly blemishes with these helpful touch-up tutorials for After Effects.

Whether you’,re working on commercial, corporate, or strictly freelance video, you might be asked to touch up the subjects in your video — and erasing wrinkles, blemishes, and changing eye color can be a tedious grind if you’,ve never tried the techniques. Here are some expert tutorials on how to make simple (yet effective) changes to your subject’,s appearance in After Effects. Beauty makeup tutorials.

Cinema Spice recently released a full course covering a wide range of touch-ups, color changes. and other “,beauty specific”, examples of After Effects work. The series was released few days ago and happens to be relatively cheap. Check it out!

The tutorials are put on by Mikey Borup from After Effects Tutorials with Mikey. This channel is extremely beneficial to anybody facing last-minute alterations and touch-ups, especially anyone new to After Effects.

Applying Make-up

Beauty Box is a plugin that retouches skin and applies a smoothing algorithm that helps with touch-ups and any changes you want to apply to your subjects. Digital Anarchy offers a massive package encompassing all things alterations. In the video below, Digital Anarchy demonstrates how to naturally apply makeup to a face using Beauty Box and After Effects.

Beauty makeup tutorials

Another excellent resource for After Effectsmakeup tutorials comes from mamoworld. Though this isn’,t all mamoworld covers, their four-part series on touch-ups is a must-see. Part 3 in their series (seen below) uses tracking of the eyes, followed by key stabilization, to properly add makeup to the finished product.

Skin Smoothing

The video below is an in-depth tutorial on how to remove wrinkles and smooth the skin. This is the first part of the series offered on mamoworld’,s YouTube channel. Check out Part 2 and Part 4 for more helpful tutorials!

Back at it again with Digital Anarchy! Although the thumbnail below is misleading and, frankly, terrifying, this excellent walk-through covers the basics of touching up someone’,s imperfections in a simple, cohesive way.

Makeup and beauty tutorials

Mask Tracking is another effective way to diminish any pimples, gray hair, and wrinkles. The video below presents problems that might arise while doing touch-ups and walks you through how to fix these problems.

There are many touch-up and beauty tutorials on YouTube and other sites. However, the best way to learn how to master the art of touch-ups is to play around and figure out a workflow that works best for you.

Got any touch-up tips for your fellow After Effects users? Share in the comments below.

Huda beauty makeup tutorials

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