The Beauty Community:

noun: a growing place filled with people expressing themselves through the products they slap onto their faces. Beauty makeup looks.

noun: the squad you most definitely wanna be a part of (or at least privy to) before Prom season

noun: the most beat team in town

I recently have fallen victim to searching through thousands of videos and crazy trends in the beauty community and loving every second of it. From hundreds of layers of foundation, to clown contouring the beauty community had pushed out so many new trends, and I for one have become addicted to watching them all.

But among all the craziness there are some true gems of amazing artists. Because makeup artists are in fact, artists. They paint on their faces and make master pieces out of their bone structure and chemical concessions- voila! Art. Makeup is an expression of personality- different people go for varying looks- and there is a guru for everyone.

Sleeping beauty makeup look

Here lies a compilation of my fave gurus, each with their own signature style that will satisfy any and all makeup lovers.

Ingrid Nilsen- Honestly just a cute bundle of smiles and joy. She is not solely known for her incredibly inspiring coming out video but for her simplistic and easy makeup looks. I would recommend her for people who are not the best in makeup but still like to try. She is an expert in achieving the “no makeup, makeup” look, perfect for the type of person who doesn’,t LOVE to go crazy but likes the clean put together face.


Zoella- If you don’,t know who this is I will be shocked. Shocked! Her channel is a true mix of different content all generalizing around “beauty guru” but also branching to other types of videos. Her makeup tutorials are good for the people who like to do makeup and are around the medium level of makeup skill. She has a plethora of wearable but fun looks that aren’,t too outrageous (unlike the person next up).

Beautiful makeup looks pinterest


Nikkietutorials- Calling every and all beauty/ makeup LOVERS. This girl is perfect for you. If you love makeup, or just love to watch good tutorials of makeup we have got a match made in heaven. Nikkie has crazy but really amazing makeup tutorials, even though they are more on the dramatic side she makes it super easy to follow and not too complicated to achieve a killer look. I would say a medium to high skill level are what her looks are geared towards. With crazy fun colours and smoked out cut creases Nikkie is someone I would recommend for people who love to experiment with makeup and love the “going all out” look, because girl I respect that.


Bella Fiori- Another makeup guru I find very relaxing and chill to watch while increasing my makeup game. She is someone who has a great variety of wearable, true glam, and simple looks. I like her channel because I feel like it is a perfect balance for almost every cosmetics enthusiast. An animal loving aussie she also has a great personality that makes you fall in love with her and not just her brilliant makeup expertise.

Sleeping beauty makeup look


Amanda Steele- Every edgy makeup lover’,s dream. She keeps things very simple but somehow always looks so effortlessly amazing. She is someone who I would recommend for people who love makeup but don’,t want to put much time into actually executing their makeup. Amanda keeps it simple and perfect or an on the go edgy gal. She is someone who has completely evolved from her beginning stages of youtube as “makeup by mandy” and into someone who has embraced the fashion scene pushing boundaries on what is “typical” in both fashion and makeup.

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