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Update: The official Fenty Beauty roll-out is in motion. The website and Instagram page just debuted—and Rihanna took to Twitter to show-off the official logo and expected release date. The brand's tagline is "The New Generation of Beauty." The mystery! The intrigue! I beauty makeup.

On the Fenty Beauty website, you can join an email list for news of product launches and releases. The site also has links to the brand's Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook accounts. Or you can just watch this space—we'll keep updating as more news drops.

Update: The Instagram page @FentyBeautyCosmetics was revealed to be just a fan page— and it was promptly taken down (bummer). But the search for the brand's global makeup artist is very much real. See all the details below.

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[instagram ]https://www.instagram.com/p/BQp7YtkBJxy/?taken-by=erik_soto&,hl=en[/instagram]

Original: After years of waiting, Rihanna's makeup line Fenty Beauty is finally become a reality. The star has teased the release several times in recent months–but we know know what, when, and where it's launching. The first product drop? A holographic lip product used backstage at the Fenty x Puma spring 2017 runway show.

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According to info obtained by a Fenty Beauty fan-stagram, the full line of products could be available in Sephora stores this fall. An exact release date is TBD, but we'll definitely accept just a season for now. Another redacted post gave information on where around the globe the products would be available. Sadly, it appears as if Riri's native country of Barbados didn't make the cut—for now, at least.

And in true Rihanna fashion, the Fenty Beauty brand has decided to buck tradition and hold open casting calls for brand makeup artists in three major U.S. cities. "By opening this up the our larger makeup community we hope to build a diverse team of beauty experts who excel in the areas of artistry, elevated education, makeup experience and have an ability to best represent a brand. This non-traditional interview process levels the playing field and allows artists everywhere an opportunity and have their work seen and be considered for a global position for a dynamic new brand," wrote Erik Soto, ‎Global Artistry &, Education Senior Manager for Fenty Beauty's parent company, Kendo Brands, on Instagram. "Those applicants who make it through the first interview phase will be invited to a second interview at a later date and our finalists will have a chance to interview and apply makeup on Rihanna herself." Long story short: stop reading this right now and call every single one of your makeup artist friends. Talk about the gig of a lifetime.

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