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Offering skin care treatments &, services for North Canton, Akron, Canton, Cleveland &, Columbus, Ohio.

Love Beautiful Skin is the place to come for skin care health and relaxation. The beautiful, serene décor calms your senses and invites you to feel relaxed, while our expertly trained estheticians treat your skin and pamper you, all at the same time. You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Beauty and makeup love.

“Christina has taken my problematic skin and made it into something I can be proud to show. She not only helped clear up my skin for my wedding day, but continues to give me the best skin care possible. She is a complete sweetheart and knows how to make your skin beautiful from the inside out! She is genuine and truly cares about making you love your skin. I am a lifetime customer!” –Chris G.

Christina Freeman, Owner, Head Esthetician, Makeup Artist and Microblading Artist, stays current on what is fresh and new in the skin care industry. With her years of experience and friendly demeanor, she takes time with each client to answer their questions and treat their unique skincare concerns.

She strives to give her clients the very best in every area and to educate, encourage, and empower women to feel confident and beautiful, reflecting their inner beauty.

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“,Every women is beautiful and my goal is for you to leave looking and feeling more confident. My style of work is subtle and enhancing, to give you a better version of you!”

Christina offers the best Microblading service in the industry. Microblading will provide you with a very natural option to enhancing your eyebrows with a semi-permanent result. Unlike regular eyebrow tattooing that penetrates to the dermis (bottom layer of skin), microblading penetrates right below the epidermis (top layer of skin). On average microblading lasts 10-36 months depending on your skin type. Christina’s eyebrow tattooing method is refined and unique, leaving you with the best quality, natural look. Her attention to detail as a makeup artist, sets her work apart from all the rest.

“I had my eyebrows microbladed by Christina and I love them! She was very upfront about the whole process and what to expect. Christina also recommended a line of skincare products based on my skin type and I can tell such a difference in how my skin looks! I would definitely recommend these services to all of my friends.” –Ericka H.

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Lash Lift &, Tint is a beautiful enhancement to your natural beauty, giving your eyes and face a bright natural-looking “lift.”

Imagine waking up every morning with perfectly curled lashes. Lash Lift is a lovely alternative to eyelash extensions or for those whose eyes may be sensitive. With minimal upkeep, the results can last up to 12 weeks.

Lash lift is a beautiful enhancement to your natural beauty, giving your eyes and face a bright natural-looking “lift.” And with our natural dyes, ranging from light brow to blackest black, a lash tint on your lashes gives you subtle depth of color.

Conveniently located in North Canton, Jackson Township, call or reach out to us today to book your appointment or consultation. We’d love to meet you!

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