How to do beauty and the beast makeup. How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro in 5 Simple Steps, RewardMe

A step-by-step beauty guide to apply makeup like a professional. How to do beauty makeup.

Tip: concealers are the secret of the universe. The right concealer can make you look 10 years younger, it’s the one product well worth mastering.

How To Apply Makeup Like a Pro In Just 5 Steps

1. Start with the foundation that's right for you: Foundation is good for your skin. It contains anti-ageing and hydrating or oil-controlling ingredients. Choose one that’s right for you and apply with a brush or fingertips buffing gently into the skin to allow it to bond so it becomes flawless.

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2. Apply Eye Shadow: To save time, go for a single-colour eye shadow, a neutral that enhances your eye colour. Apply colour with your fingertip to the centre of the eye and blend out towards the edges.

3. Apply Blushers &, Bronzers: Your make-up kit should contain a bronzer and blushers. apply bronzer with a large powder brush over your cheeks and forehead to give your skin a healthy glow. then, using a blusher brush, apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks and upwards towards your temples.

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4. Use a powder brush &, buff your skin: Apply loose powder with a powder brush and buff it ‘into’ your skin, your skin will look fresh and matte for a lot longer. Before touching up during the day, use blotting papers to soak up excess oil, then powder to prevent blotchiness.

5. Apply lipstick &, lip gloss: If your blusher is a cool pink, your lip colour should be as well. if your blusher is a warm peach tone, then your lip colour should have a warm peach/apricot tone too. this technique pulls a natural look together. You can choose to apply a lip gloss to make your lips fuller.

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