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I’,ve been reviewing beauty and makeup monthly subscription boxes for years, and every year there are more amazing boxes! The beauty of makeup.

Here is the list of the 31 monthly beauty and makeup subscription boxes to try in 2017:

Why it is a must: This is the subscription box that always makes me say, “,I don’,t know how they do it!”, Almost every month subscribers get over $100 worth of beauty and makeup products for only $21. If you are looking for a lot of full-size makeup products, this is a great option. (If you can only do one or two beauty boxes a month –, I would recommend this as one of them!)

Why it is a must: It’,s a beauty subscription box from Sephora! It’,s only $10! Each month you’,ll get 5 beauty samples, plus an additional perfume sample. The brands they feature in the box are the same ones they sell at Sephora stores, so it’,s a high-end collection of samples, and they often showcase new products, too.

Why it is a must: This is basically a spa experience in a box! If you are looking for a natural/ingredient-conscious beauty box with a luxe feel I highly recommend this box. Most of the items are deluxe-sized or full-sized, and there’,s usually a non-beauty item like chocolate in there too! (And the packaging on this box is gorgeous –, it feels like unwrapping the best gift!)

Why it is a must: The only thing bad about the Target Beauty Box is that it isn’,t an official subscription yet! Target releases new beauty boxes about every other month, and they sell out within hours because they are that good! The value is always great, they come with Target coupons, and they have a good mix of samples and full-size items. Also, a pro-tip from fellow My Subscription Addiction readers –, save the Target Beauty Coupon in your box to use on your next Target Beauty Box purchase!

Why it is a must: Each month, Allure sends subscribers 5 beauty samples (sometimes a full-size item), and there’,s usually a bonus 6th item, too. They send some high-end brands, and the sample sizes are usually generous, too!

PLUS! All new subscribers get the palette pictured above with their first box! (Allure will send several new eyeshadow pans throughout the year to update your palette!)

Why it is a must: Birchbox is one of the original beauty boxes, and one of my favorites for discovering new beauty brands. (They also have recently launched their own in-house brands). Each month you’,ll get 5 beauty samples (haircare, skincare, makeup, nail polish, fragrance, etc.).

Another thing I love about Birchbox –, they let you pick one of your samples each month! It’,s a great way to pick out one item you know you want to try and still be surprised by the rest of the box!

Why it is a must: Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a beauty subscription box from the UK that includes at least 6 handpicked items along with an issue of Elle UK magazine. The box includes skincare, haircare, cosmetics and body products curated around a theme. Shipping is free to the US, and the value of these boxes is always impressive!

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Why it is a must: If you are interested in bold, vegan makeup, this is the subscription for you. Each month you’,ll get 3-4 full-size makeup products with a total value of around $40. It’,s a great way to try out everything Medusa’,s Makeup offers at a deep discount!

Why it is a must: Square Hue is a monthly subscription box that is all about nail polish. If you want to get only a few new polishes a month, this could be a great fit. Plus, y ou can pause your membership at any time, and a portion of the sales from every box go to charity. ( Learn more about HueGive ).

Why it is a must: Pearlesque Box is a monthly subscription box that highlights one natural beauty brand each month. They include full size and deluxe size products, so it is a great way to really try out a brand and see if it is for you.

Why it is a must: Beautycon used to be a mix of beauty and accessory items, but they’,ve changed their focus in the past few boxes to focus only on beauty and makeup. If you’,re looking for a high-low mix of beauty and makeup brands –, this box is a great value.

Why it is a must: You have to pay $60 up front for 6 months of this subscription, but $10 a box is a fantastic deal for these expensive beauty samples! (A typical box has a value of over $80!)

Why it is a must: Beauty Box 5 has been around for years, but in 2016 came under new management, and their boxes have improved a lot. This box is great for a mix of indie and drugstore brands, with good sample sizes (often full-size), and a good value, too.

Why it is a must: If you love natural and organic beauty products, I highly recommend this subscription. They send out a “,hero”, item each month (AKA full-size item), and a “,side kick”, item (sometimes full-size, sometimes deluxe size) from one brand. It’,s a great way to discover new natural beauty brands and sample multiple items from their line.

Why it is a must: Looking for Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Paraben-Free makeup with amazing pigment? This is the subscription! Each month you’,ll get 4 full-size makeup items, plus a new makeup bag!

Why it is a must: If you’,re looking for an ingredient-conscious, full-size, makeup box, this is a high-quality pick. All items are made exclusively for this box and are guaranteed to be vegan, natural, and cruelty-free.

Why it is a must: Julep is the perfect beauty subscription if you want to expand your nail polish collection, and you want to have complete control over your beauty box. Each month on the 20th, subscribers get to pick out the items in their boxes from the new nail polish and beauty product collections. Everything is full size, and you can get 2 nail polishes plus a full-size beauty product of your choice each month for the cost. (You can also go for all nail polish, or all beauty products –, they give you all the customization options).

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Why it is a must: Cocotique is a subscription box that caters specifically to women of color. Each month they send 5-8 beauty and hair care items. (Usually a mix of samples, deluxe and full-size items). They also offer amazing value limited edition boxes throughout the year, and they sometimes have brand takeover months, where you’,ll get several full-size items from one brand.

Why it is a must: New Beauty Test Tube may just be the original beauty subscription box and it is still going strong! This box ships every other month, and they deliver a lot of full-size and deluxe-size products. They recently revamped to 2.0 –, which means lots of new brands!

Why it is a must: This is another high-value box compared the cost. (Usually around the $100 mark). They typically provide a good mix of makeup, skincare and haircare products. (More haircare than most other beauty boxes). If you are looking for a good variety of items with a high value, this one almost always delivers.

Why it is a must: This one gets mixed reviews on our site, and for good reason –, Walmart sends out extremely varied boxes each season. Some subscribers get awesome boxes with full-size items like makeup and deodorant when other subscribers only get samples and foil packets. However, I put it on the list because 1. $5 beauty box and 2. If you like a gamble, the risk is somewhat small, and it can really pay off.

Why it is a must: If you are looking for vegan and/or natural beauty products, this box is for you! Petit Vour focuses on quality over quantity, so you can expect usually 4 samples, some of which may be full-size. I’,ve discovered some great new brands from this subscription, too!

Why it is a must: The Vegan Cuts Makeup Box is a new quarterly box from Vegan Cuts. It joins the Vegan Cuts line up of the monthly Beauty Box and Snack Box. If you want only full-size makeup, and monthly is a little too frequent for you, this is a great way to refresh your makeup bag each season.

Why it is a must: Looking for a mix of high-end natural and organic beauty products? This beauty box sends you several new products in a luxe box every other month.

Why it is a must: Ipsy sends you 5 beauty and makeup samples each month PLUS a makeup bag! This is one of the best beauty subscription boxes in terms of retail value compared to cost –, most bags have values of $40 or more. It’,s also a great subscription for getting full-size makeup. The brands are a mix of high-end, mid-range and drugstore brands, so expect to get some cheaper makeup. (And they also occasionally send beauty tools like brushes, tweezers, etc.)

Why it is a must: Love palettes? This new beauty subscription sends you a new palette with lip and eyeliner every other month. Plus the formulas are 100% cruelty-free, paraben free, and made in the USA.

Why it is a must: This beauty box for women of color features a mix of haircare, skincare, and cosmetics every month. And the value is typically are over $70 a box!

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Why it is a must: Now that you have lots of beauty and makeup subscriptions, you need makeup brushes to go with all your new products! This subscription sends out 3-7 quality brushes every month, with a guaranteed value of at least $30!

Why it is a must: Another great natural beauty subscription box to check out! Each box includes 3-4 deluxe-sized samples or full-size beauty products made with natural and/or organic ingredients.

Why it is a must: This is a great K-beauty box for beginners and experts alike. Each month, Mishibox sends out 5-6 deluxe and full-sized products from a wide range of Korean brands.

Why it is a must: This is a natural and organic beauty box that lets you customize! Each month you’,ll get to pick two of your products, and you’,ll be surprised by the rest!

What do you think of these makeup and beauty subscription boxes? What are your favorites? Any more I should add to this list?

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