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Coachella is the world’s best-dressed festival, with attendees spending just as much time perfecting their looks as they do listening to the music. But it’s not just about the clothes, with the hair and beauty looks being just as important to the overall aesthetic. (After all, glitter is perfect for hiding a few days’ worth of drinking in the sunshine…) Beauty makeup looks.

Previous years have seen attendees sporting metallic temporary tattoos, eyes accentuated by glitter and rainbow-dyed hair, with the makeup looks getting more and more daring as the festival goes on. This year, we’re predicting a few new trends - from hair accessories inspired by Janelle Monae to new ways to wear glitter (yes, there are a few!) – so read on to find out how to ensure that your Coachella look stands out from the crowd in 2017.

The New Glitter

Glitter for festivals? How original. But hear us out! This time round it’s not just about hiding the bags under your eyes – we’re expecting to see people channelling Fendi and DKNY’s glitter lips, using a bit of sparkle to emphasise their brows and even a smattering in their parting.

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Hair Jewellery

Call it the Janelle Monae effect, but we’re seeing more and more street style stars and Instagram influencers accessorising their hair with beautiful jewellery. The chicest and easiest way to get on board with this emerging trend is by ‘piercing’ your plaits and updos with rings – the more, the better!

Mercury In Retrograde

You may have noticed that the fashion world is currently obsessed with all things astrological, with planets, moons and stars adorning It bags, earrings and dresses this season. We’re predicting that this trend will trickle through to the festival set as well, with hand-drawn gold and silver symbols being the easiest way to show your interest in the stars at Coachella. Want to take it to the next level? Find your star sign symbol and make that into body art too.

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Hair Tapestry

This is something that first cropped up at the 2015 edition of Coachella but that hasn’t really taken off – yet. Debuted by trendy London salon Bleach, hair tapestry involves creating beautiful, intricate braided designs similar to those you used to get as a child on holiday – but wider and more tapestry-like. After seeing Lottie Tomlinson sporting her emoji design on Instagram last month, we’re certain that there will be lots of girls rocking this look at Coachella.

Unicorn Hair

Want sparkly, magical hair without drowning yourself in glitter? Enter hair tinsel. Made popular by Beyoncé circa 2010, this is one of the easiest and chicest ways to wear sparkle at Coachella. Influencer and fashion blogger Camille Charriere recently modelled the look during New York Fashion Week, cementing its cool-girl status.

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