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Makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift believes in natural beauty—which is why she launched her own cosmetics line RMS. (Its solid celebrity following includes natural beauties Miranda Kerr, and Gisele Bundchen.) Here, the entrepreneur shares her morning beauty routine, why she hates YouTubers, and more. Beauty makeup tutorials.

My mother’s red lipstick sitting on her counter with a white marabou feather powder puff. My mom only wore red lipstick and powder. Hence why I’m always wearing red lipstick.

My beauty oil! People are over highly fragranced oil now, and they’re realizing that a healing oil is where it’s at. They want an oil that performs, and that’s what mine does.

What inspired you to add nail polish to your RMS line?

Honestly, I love the colors that I made and I wanted to see them in nail polish.

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Hyaluronic acid. Big time. And people who worship YouTubers who don’t know how to do makeup. It’s not that they aren’t good makeup artists, some of them are, but these kids have no knowledge of technique. They make it up as they go, and they make it up in the school of Kim Kardashian.

What do you want to see next beauty wise on Instagram?

I just want it to look real. Everything’s verging on drag queen. I got slandered on Instagram because I said something. I was like, ‘Guys, you don’t understand. You’re drawing in lighting, and you’re not making the face look good.’ If they’re going to wear heavy makeup, I would like to see these kids blend it properly, do proper placement, and stop trying to look like a guy. Highlighting I get, but contouring no.

I don’t get primers. I think less on the skin is more. Some primers actually have a lot of chemicals that suck the hell out of your natural skin. You’re dehydrating your skin, and doing some future damage.

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What’s your five-minute morning routine?

I take liquid silica and homeopathic drops, and look at Instagram.

Far infrared sauna. I had a sauna and I got rid of it because it was too big for my apartment, and now I regret it. I just didn’t have time for it. It was just sitting there. But it detoxes the whole body like crazy.

I have a camouflage set that’s coming out soon. Since I’m older and have discoloration around my eyes, I’ve been using it a lot and carry it around with me. I’ve been testing it out.

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