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Some makeup students need to take a cosmetology or esthetician program to work professionally in their state. Other students have a makeup license option in their state, although it&rsquo,s less common than the previous two options. You might even find makeup artist school online courses you can take.

In the sections below, we look at different kinds of professional makeup careers you can pursue. But, let&rsquo,s begin with some data that is helpful to think about at when comparing makeup artist school options.

Question: What is The Job Outlook For Makeup Artists?

Answer: It depends on a number of factors, including your training.

Your state, the type of work you do, your skill level and other factors can determine your level of success in makeup artistry.

For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that makeup artists who work in the motion picture industry earn an average salary or $83,580 per year (2017). Those who work for performing arts companies can earn around $62,230 a year (2017).

Now, most makeup artists work in personal care services positions. In these roles, you can expect to earn around $28,770 per year as a makeup artist. Those who fall right in the middle make an average wage of $53,230 per year (2017).

The top five states for makeup employment levels are: California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. While there is some range in what makeup artists can make nationally, most of the salary levels in these states are on the high end of the spectrum. As an example, in California, makeup artists earn an average wage of $78,280 per year. In Texas, the third highest employing state, the average wage is $47,150. While Georgia, at the bottom of the top 5, pays its makeup artists an average wage of $53,060.

This way, you can search quickly for local schools that offer makeup artist certification classes.

Another benefit of our process is that it makes it simple to request information about multiple programs without having to visit multiple websites. Plus, not many beauty school websites can say they have helped over two million students find cosmetology training. But we have. And we want to help you find the right makeup artist school too!

Types of Makeup Artist Careers

If you recently decided to learn makeup, you might not realize how many types of makeup artist jobs there are. That&rsquo,s because there are so many industries that rely on film/TV or performance makeup. Advertising and modeling are two industries that use makeup artists to enhance their aesthetics. And there are many occasions, such as weddings, where makeup artists are needed to enhance the main characters.

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When you speak with schools, you should ask what type of career their professional makeup program is geared towards. While you may find it fairly easy to find programs that teach you bridal, seasonal, and basic film/TV makeup, you may have to dig deeper for specialized programs.

For instance, a special effects makeup program can give you an entire area of focus that is career oriented. But that&rsquo,s because the world of special effects makeup is highly complicated, and allows for a wide range of artistic freedom.

Now, let&rsquo,s break down the main types of makeup artist careers that students tend to pursue&hellip,

Cosmetic and fashion makeup artists

If you dream about preparing models for the catwalk, this career path is for you. This type of makeup artistry also encompasses those who work at bridal boutiques, at retail sales counters, in corporate headshot photography and other cosmetics related areas. These types of jobs can be found in many major cities, as well as in less populated areas.


Whether you want to work in Hollywood, Broadway, Chicago, or your hometown theater, many makeup programs can prepare you for this line of work. This can also include working for television stations, or on local film productions for businesses, advertising, and small budget productions.

Clinical Makeup Artists

This is one area you really don&rsquo,t hear about that often. However, there is a need for makeup professionals in clinical settings. These professionals work in dermatologists&rsquo, offices, hospitals, plastic surgery setters, and other facilities that help patients recover from health challenges.

Some of these artists use medical grade makeup to help clients/patients hide bigger skin issues. Patients who are physically unable to apply their own makeup often seek permanent makeup solutions. When you look into makeup artist certification classes, consider permanent makeup programs as an option as well.

How Do I Choose Makeup Training That Can Lead To A Lasting Career?

The first thing you should do when considering a makeup career is check with your State Board of Cosmetology. They will be able to tell you what kind of license you need-which is extremely important.

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As we noted earlier, some states do not regulate makeup while others do. When you speak with makeup artist schools, simply ask if their program meets state requirements. After all, it doesn&rsquo,t matter what curriculum they offer, if you can&rsquo,t qualify for the appropriate licensure.

From there, steer the conversation toward career outcomes. Go through the course outline thoroughly and make sure they match your career aspirations. Professional makeup programs can differ greatly in duration, cost, financial aid options and learning outcomes.

You might even find a makeup artist school online, just make sure it meets your state&rsquo,s standards.

If you have to choose between a cosmetology or esthetician program for licensure, be sure you understand the difference. In a cosmetology program, you will learn about hair, skin, nails, and makeup.

Esthetician programs focus on skincare, makeup, and facial science. With this type of education, you can also qualify for work in dermatology offices, or in a salon performing facial services. See how much your choice for training can impact your career and open doors of opportunity? That&rsquo,s why it&rsquo,s essential to choose wisely!

How Can We Help You Promote Your Makeup Career?

There are several ways you can use your makeup artist skills to gain credibility and keep your resume fresh. If you start while you&rsquo,re in school, you&rsquo,ll have a solid foundation. Pun intended&hellip,

We recommend making a LinkedIn profile for your online resume while you are in school. This is a great place to network with other makeup and cosmetology professionals. In fact, there are over 70 groups dedicated to beauty careers. To get some ideas for your profile, take a look at the top cosmetology profiles, according to the social network&rsquo,s data.

You should also document and share your makeup skills on Instagram. This social channel is made for careers in the world of beauty. People love looking at hair, makeup, nail artistry, and other cosmetology related posts. That&rsquo,s why individuals and salons are rockin&rsquo, their Instagram game to attract followers and impress potential clients. It&rsquo,s also a great way to show off your personality, which employers will consider, along with your skills.

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We&rsquo,ve got accounts on all the platforms and would love to help share your talents, so don&rsquo,t forget to tag us in your posts!

What Else Do You Need To Know About Makeup Artistry?

You probably have a million questions right now &ndash, so get excited! (And don&rsquo,t forget to write them down, and review our FAQ&rsquo,s.) We can help you find makeup artist certification classes without getting dizzy.

Simply use the search tools on this page to view your options for makeup artist school training.

And once you learn makeup and start showing off your makeup skills to the world, let us know about your success!

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