My makeup artist and beauty. French Beauty Tips From Dior Makeup Artist Violette, Glamour

In theory, classic "French girl" beauty should be one of the easier looks out there to re-create: a red lip, tousled hair, maybe a swipe of black eyeliner. But in practice, that next-level chicness, the general laid-back vibe, still eludes many of us. To demystify it, we asked our current French girl-crush, Paris-based Dior makeup artist Violette, to spill her hair and makeup secrets. Trained in classical painting at the É,cole du Louvre (instead of conventionally, as a makeup-artist assistant), she creates some of the most incredible bold looks we&apos,ve ever seen for her clients, but her own not-too-done approach is what we want to copy most. After speaking with her, we found that French beauty is much more of an attitude than a how-to. Beauty makeup artist.

First, tell us about the differences between French and American women when it comes to beauty.

"American women want to push their potential to the top—,you have the hair, the eyelash extensions, the manicured nails. Think of Kim Kardashian—,she has an amazing face and doesn&apos,t need much makeup. But that done look is her thing, and I find that inspiring. It&apos,s an amazing cultural difference! In France, we never push it. We don&apos,t like to change ourselves. So when putting on makeup, we just want to look fresher, but that&apos,s it. And we like to look the same when we take it all off. You brush your brows, you curl your lashes, you put on a little bit of mascara, a little bit of blush, maybe a little bit of concealer."

"She&apos,s no longer the Brigitte Bardot archetype. We&apos,ve changed. We&apos,re much more rock &apos,n&apos, roll now…,like Charlotte Gainsbourg, with an added twist of glamour."

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French hair always looks effortless and skin flawless. How do you do it?

"It&apos,s about a very chic attitude—,the hair must be gorgeous but very natural, like relaxed, not trying too hard. Usually we treat our hair very well. In France, we need the men to touch our hair. We think about that a lot! Same with skin care, we try to really take care of our skin. I have the same skin care routine, no matter what. If it&apos,s 4 A.M. after a crazy night and I&apos,m like, eh, I don&apos,t care, I still do it. It takes me five minutes, but I do it."

How does your mood affect the makeup you wear?

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"I think there is a psychological part of your brain at work when you choose to wear makeup or not. I wear red lipstick when I feel happy and relaxed. It&apos,s liberating. When I&apos,m feeling more focused and don&apos,t want to have any distractions, I stay with super-nude makeup. And when I know that it&apos,s going to be a hard day, I will dress like I just got off of a motorcycle—,leather jeans, leather boots—,and add black smoky eyes. It&apos,s about what you feel!"

We have to talk about the ultimate French beauty tip: red lipstick.

"Lips are like the accessory, not necessarily another step. That&apos,s very French. But no lip liner, ever. We never do step-by-step—,we don&apos,t have time."

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