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Not everyone has time to visit the beauty or massage parlor even though one might argue that the services got from there are great and transforming. This is to say that properly tendered body as is the case with parlors makes you look younger than you actually. Good grooming can accentuate your fundamental features, which is why it is helpful to possess some few tricks up your spoon to apply mascara Beauty parlor eyes makeup.

When applying mascara on the eyes,it is very easy to mess up and spill some of it on the skin below the eyes. To avoid this scenario, use a spoon to create a highlight to follow or act as a guide when applying the mascara. A plastic spoon is preferable and it helps you attain a much thicker lining.

To create a perfect wing liner, hold the spoon against the edge of the eye and draw a straight line that resembles the eye of a cat. Turn the spoon the other way to cover your eyelid and create the perfect wing with its outer edge.

Blush adds color and contours to the face and as such accentuates the cheekbones. It is also important to consider your face shape before applying blush so as to achieve the most flattering of looks. The first factor to consider before application of blush is the skin type for which there are different categories. Powder blushes are most suitable for oily skin where as for dry skin it’s preferable to go for the creams. Whichever pick you make, be sure that it is one that matches your skin complexion, ifyou have a lighter skin go for pink or tan blush but if you have a dark skin go for light themed colors that brings out the contrast in the a scotch tape as an eye stencil

Kashee's beauty parlour eyes makeup

A scotch tape can be used as a stencil to achieve a defined shadow contour and the best part is that it can easily be disposed of. The tape cannot remove your eye makeup but to be on the safe side it is probably best if you put on makeup as you edge the tape along your eyes subject to the geography of your facial bone structure. The importance of this crafted eyeliner is that it is very hand when using liquid eye liners that tend to spill over when being applied.

Passing you eyelash curler over the blow dryer heats it up thus making it fairly easy to curl your eye lashes. Basically heat changes the pattern of the hair making it curl over. When using the eye lash curler therefore, heat it up but not to the point of burning it or worst of all burning your eye lashes, allow it to cool down just a little before using it over your eye lashes.

By creating highlights in certain areas of the eye one can accentuate the eye features and create the illusion of a radiant eye than it actually is. The most noticeable eye highlight areas are the corner of the eye and the eye brow region. Creating highlights in these areas can radiate your eyes and make them look dazzling. Application of eye highlights to both the inner corners of the eye is particularly helpful for those with widely spaced eyes in that it appears to bridge the gap between the eyes. On the other hand applying highlights to the outer edges of both eyes creates the illusion of widely spaced eyes and is helpful for those with closely placed eyes. Eye highlights is all about the illusion you want others to see and knowing how to play around with it can be extremely handy.

Mahrose beauty parlour eye makeup

Lip exfoliation just like in the general skin exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface and thus helps the lip skin to re-grow fresh and healthy. If done on a regular basis, it can lead to naturally moist and plump. To do a quick exfoliation exercise,use a soft toothbrush with very small and straight bristles to scrub your lips after covering them in petroleum jelly. You can easily make a lip exfoliate mixture of coconut oil or honey. A mix of olive oil and a little sugar is one of the great makeup tricks for you. Exfoliating the lips exposes the sensitive layer of the lips and as such when you are done, apply lip balm over the lips to finish the process.

This is a technique whereby you line your eye lashes with the eye liner in a way that makes them pop and appear thicker than they actually are. When tight lining make sure to choose an appropriate liner preferably a pencil eye liner even though other types of eye liners also work well if used appropriately. It is also imperative to consider an eye liner that matches your eyelash color. Gently dot the spaces between your upper eye lashes with consideration to the thickness and tone, do not make it too dark or too thick.

Creating the perfect look is all about playing around with illusions that appear to people. It is not compulsory to visit a beauty parlor to achieve a transforming look even though it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and that the help of a professional cosmetics artist is will be very useful. The perfect image can be created at the comfort of your home if you are willing to sacrifice your time to achieve these goals. Just consider the above tips and separating you from that person who has visited a beauty professional will be very difficult if not impossible.

Beauty parlor eyes makeup

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