Beauty tips for eye makeup. How To Pull Off Red Eye Makeup, Beauty’s Most Surprising New Trend Beauty For Real

Stars turn heads in fiery eye makeup but they don't all stand out for the right reasons

"Red and green are opposites on the color wheel, so Olivia's emerald eyes pop against the shadow's red tones," says Beauty For Real founder Leslie Munsell , a celebrity makeup artist who has also worked with Miranda Kerr . To keep the color from looking brash, Munsell tips, "Use an angled shadow brush to pull color along the lash line, lightening it up as it moves past lids." Beauty tips for eye makeup.

Here's a few extra BFR Pro Beauty Tips if you're planning to try the look yourself.

This is especially important to remember if you’re choosing a bold red shade. Repeat: Less is more. Less is more. If you’re wearing a red shadow, concentrate it on the eyelid.

2. Be careful about red all the way around your eyes.

Beauty tips for applying eye makeup

One of the reasons that red shadow hasn’t been a mainstream favorite until recently is the fear that it will made you look like you have pink eye or some other nasty eye infection. Play it safe and avoid wearing red around your entire eye, especially if you’re choosing the brighter or lighter shades.

3. Balance the bold with a Volumizing Black Mascara

If you’re wearing red on your eyelids, you do not need to add in more color with your mascara. You already have plenty. Plus, a HI-DEF Volumizing Mascara ($19, Beauty For Real) can help ground the look. If you’re wearing eyeshadow, you can also try adding in a flick of black liner. I-LINE ($14, Beauty For Real) is an ultra-black liner with an easy-to-use gel tip.

Beauty tips eye makeup

4. Learn how to use an Angled Shadow Brush effectively.

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