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While we might still be seeing sprinklings of snow – it is actually officially Spring and that traditional Spring clean applies to your body as well as your home! Allocating some time to edit your makeup routine or to having a professional beauty treatment has multiplying affects - as not only do you look better but you feel better too! Here are my tips for a beauty spring clean. Beauty tips makeup.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about tipping all your makeup out onto a table and actually having a good look at what you have – and what you use on a daily basis and what you don’t! Use a baby wipe to clean up any tatty looking items and divide items into two piles. One being every day essentials and the rest being products you only use at the weekend or on special occasions. Having your makeup in two bags means you can be totally zen when getting ready in the morning as you have everything you need without having the rummage and panic when you can’t find your mascara. On that note – don’t forget to bin your mascara after 3 months. The build up of bacteria can cause watering eyes and irritations. A quick sniff will instantly identify a product that is off.

We can all have a thorough cleanse and apply face masks in our own home so when I have a Facial it needs to be something that 1 ) I can’t do myself and 2) has a profound affect on my skin. I look for power boosting facials with additional elements that push the active ingredients deeper. Dermalogical, Elemis and Environ are my go to facial for noticeable results.

A lot of people dismiss massages as just ‘a bit of a pamper’ or something you have done at a spa - but in the hands of an expert massuse – a massage treatment is an affordable luxury that releases stress and tension that we hold in the body and that can make us feel tired and irritable. If you work at a computer a neck and back massage is a monthly essential to help release those pesky knots. If you’re standing on your feet all day, have an active job or an active lifestyle then full body is for you.

Bright colours lift your mood so add a sunny nail polish to your toes and instantly get those poolside beach vibes. Visualize your wooden floor as a sandy beach and you’re almost there!

Beauty tips and makeup

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