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Everyone has that one problem area or imperfection that they wish they could just zap away. A few good beauty tips are always needed, especially in a rut. Makeup beauty tips tricks.

The best beauty tips for you are the one that suit your skin type, as well as your skin tone. Today, we will be focusing on deeper skin tones. Note that these tips can suit many other skin tones as well. If you have an uneven skin tone, or makeup looks that aren’t up to date, then today’s post is the one for you!

Beauty Tip #1: Warm up the center of your face.

Warming up the center of your face gives you a healthy and youthful appearance. In order to add warmth to your face, use caramel and amber shades in the center of your face. Using these shades of concealer, apply them with a brush and then blend them out with a beauty sponge.

Beauty Tip #2: Lip liner.

Using a lip liner can be the barrier that keeps your perfect lip application from smearing all over the rest of your face. Investing in a nice skin tone lip liner when wearing a lipstick will also increase the longevity of your lipstick.

Beauty tips and tricks without makeup

Check out this awesome tutorial by Birchbox:

Beauty Tip #3: Dark brows, not black brows.

Many women love rocking a dark brow, but there is a thin brow line between a dark brow and black brows. If you love a dark eyebrow, then start off with a brown in the beginning and darken it as you move towards the tail end of your eyebrow.

Beauty Tip #4: Orange!!!

Don’t be afraid of orange! Orange compliments dark skin tones. Orange lipsticks, blushes and concealers leave a very natural appearance to the skin. Another reason to love orange is because orange cancels out purple or dark circles and spots. This will cancel out any hyperpigmentation that you might have.

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Beauty Tip #5: Know your lighting.

When you are shopping and applying your makeup, make sure that you are doing so in the most natural lighting. Store and other artificial lights can make your makeup look flawless inside, and once you step outside it doesn’t match as well as you hoped. You will also want to use bright lighting as well so you can see your face, and ensure that you can see your face in its most natural tone and give you the most flawless application.

Beauty Tip #6: Build up your complexion.

If you have hyperpigmentation or any type of scarring on your face, then most likely you aren’t going to like using just one layer of foundation. In order to ensure the most natural looking complexion, use a mixture of foundation and concealer. Once the first layer of foundation has been applied, if you see any areas that need a little more coverage, use a full coverage concealer in that area to avoid putting too much product in your clear areas.

Beauty Tip #7: Take care of your skin!

As with any skin tone, taking care of your skin is a must. Having the best base makes any makeup application that much more flawless. Make sure you moisturize well every day, use sunscreen, and exfoliate once a week to make sure your skin is in the best shape!

Makeup beauty tips tricks

We hope you enjoyed reading today’s post! Let us know what you think about these beauty tips, and share with us your favorite one!

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