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French women do beauty better than their American counterparts —, at least, if you ask Natalie Portman. The Oscar winner believes that in Paris, “,everything seems easier. You’,re permitted to not do much in terms of beauty and still have a beautiful air.”, Black beauty makeup tips.

After two years residence in the City of Light with husband/choreographer Benjamin Millepied, the Black Swan beauty tells Gala that she’,s not intimidated but rather in studious awe of the women around her. “,The French are more natural than American, that’,s obvious. They don’,t do a full ‘,brushing’, [of their hair] every morning. I spend my time observing them, trying to imitate them.”,

Being in Paris, Portman says, feeds her passion for art. “,The city is so rich in museums, beautiful buildings. I love being surrounded by so much beauty, art, music and creativity.”, The experience has also informed and emboldened her look, and encouraged her to have more fun on the red carpet. As a Dior face, currently promoting the line’,s Rouge Brilliant lip gloss in France, she says wearing eye-catching shades like red “,is a new experience for me. I love it. It is not my habit to wear bright colors.”,

“,I confess, I feel more sexy. It’,s so amazing to me. I feel like another person,”, she says. “,Red is not an obvious color to wear. It has the enormous advantage of being a lot on its own, so there’,s no need to overload your outfit with accessories. It creates a sort of aura around you.”, While her every day go-to remains a raspberry lip balm, she’,s adopted red nails this summer, saying “,it’,s perfect for the most chic city in the world.”,

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On red carpets, Portman says she “,prefers to focus on the eyes with a smoky look,”, which is also her husband’,s preference. “,I draw eyeliner with a Diorshow kohl, but I also like a red lip. One thing is for sure though: Never both at the same time.”, And in her evening bag, she says, she always carries a compact, lipstick and absorbent papers to avoid shine. (She also shares a trick she picked up from a makeup artist who coated her eyelashes with Vaseline to “,give them brilliance and intensify my look.”,)

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Her everyday beauty routine, on the other hand, is relatively simple and very Parisian. She uses Paris skin care legend Joëlle Ciocco’,s Cleansing Milk before applying Hervé Herau’,s Le Pommade. “,That’,s pretty much it,”, she says, adding she favors hair scrub from Christophe Robin and a hydration mask from Australian David Mallett, her hairdresser.

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To stay in shape, Portman practices yoga, runs three times weekly and occasionally heads on retreat to a surprisingly non-French location: a very affordable Japanese spa in New Mexico. “,It’,s a replica of the Japanese onsens [hot springs] with outdoor baths,”, she says. “,The rooms are fairly spartan, you sleep on futons, many without TV. It’,s perfect for disconnecting.”,

What do you think of her French beauty tips? Would you got to a spa like hers?

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