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There is nothing worse than a woman with lots of makeup on. It can make you look old and draggish. I don’,t wear makeup in public but I do put it on when taking photographs or making videos of myself and sometimes I can look like those drag queens on TV. Here’,s a tip for women I would like to share. Less is definitely more. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty not cover it. People want to see your face and not an over exaggerated version of yourself. Keep the queen in the pictures but in public show your true face. Men actually like a fresh face or the real you. Beauty and makeup tips.

There are the essential must have items of makeup every woman should own. All women should have a good long-lasting mascara to lengthen the lashes and make them stand out. Those false lashes are a waste of time and money. Often I see them ready to fall off the woman’,s eyelash struggling to hang on for dear life, simple mascara will do the trick. You can use clear mascara alone or apply first underneath black mascara.

I’,m an advocate for lip gloss or a neutral lipstick but you should save the lipstick for date night. For everyday wear I would suggest lip gloss instead or try a good brand of Chap Stick to keep the lips looking soft and moisturized. Eyeliner is another must have makeup item. You can go for black for a dark dramatic look or a subtle use of brown. I would stay away from the bright colors for everyday wear. The idea is to keep your face looking as close to natural as possible.

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Don’,t bother with foundation and eye shadow unless you plan on going on a date. If you have oily skin, you can use a powder brush and sweep loose powder over your face to keep your skin from glistening. You should avoid face makeup if you are a sweater.

Another tip to apply to your makeup look is well-groomed eyebrows. Those little brush/combs are perfect for keeping your eyebrows uniform. Comb the brows up and then brush them in the same direction to keep your brows looking nice and neat not bushy and unkempt. It is important to clean your skin daily if you wear makeup and moisturize. I like Carols Daughter body jelly to soften my skin. Following these tips will keep you looking young, natural looking and approachable.

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