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Hello my pretties! My name is Payal Thaker, and I was born in Ahmedabad, India. I’,m a well-traveled and experienced beauty geek. I’m not a cosmetologist, and I haven’,t had any formal training in beauty/makeup, but I have plenty of golden treasures of knowledge. My obsession with makeup, cosmetics, and everything to do with the beauty world is what’,s made me a self-professed beauty junkie. Beauty and makeup blogs.

Ever since I was a kid I’,ve been obsessed with watching women do things to look beautiful, and soon my passion lent me a job as an Air Hostess in a leading international airline of UAE. For me it was a dream job, as I could indulge myself in international cosmetics, treatments, and makeup on an everyday basis. I could do everything to look pretty, and the best part was I met girls from different parts of the world everyday, at work and off work. They would share their beauty secrets, chat about their favorite products and what homemade recipes they have learned from their ancestors.

Soon I started modeling in Dubai as a hobby, and then I won the title of The Most Photogenic Face of Dubai Trendsetters. It was then that my actual journey to beauty started! I have walked the ramp for Dubai Fashion Week, worked with big designers and photographers. Every day I would meet extremely talented makeup artists, learn so many techniques and their unique ways of expressing beauty with makeup. I became very good friends with a gifted Bobbi Brown makeup artist. I learned a lot about makeup brushes, their use, and how good makeup can change your looks completely. For hours we would discuss beauty in detail, how the invention of some products have been a blessing to the makeup industry. We would experiment with different products to see if they are worth the hype. I would travel around the world, and every time I saw a beautiful face I would go and ask her what her secret was for that glowing skin, or how she used kohl to enhance her eyes, what made her choose that color of blush, or how her hair was so shiny and lush…,.LOL…,yes, that’s how I am. If you sit with me you’ll notice how I bring up the topic of beauty in anything and everything. It makes my eyes twinkle.

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I’,m happily married at present, and now I travel between India, US, and Dubai. I have a strong desire to spread awareness about Beauty and Style in India. I want to make Indian girls realize how pretty they are, and how with little effort, they can enhance their beauty and look gorgeous on an everyday basis. In India, makeup is not considered a part of everyday life, and so many beautiful ladies are oblivious to their own beauty because they get busy taking care of their family and everyone around them. I personally believe makeup is a very feminine thing and every woman should proudly use it to enhance their original beauty…,Everything I discuss in my blog will be geared towards making your lives easy when it comes to beauty, and give you accurate knowledge of how you can be gorgeous without damaging your skin.

All of the articles that I will post are tried and tested by me, they have worked for me and I am sharing my knowledge with everyone through my blog. I will be more than happy to receive any questions and feedback you have on any beauty related topic.

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