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Blogging is an art.

In a world where there’s so much negativity constantly being thrown at you, whether it’s in the media, in schools, or elsewhere, it’s nice to sometimes take a break and simply loko at things because they are pleasing. Enter fashion and beauty bloggers. These are people who curate pages to appeal to their fashion-forward audiences, knowing that they are creating something beautiful, insightful, and relatable. The beauty and makeup blog.

Check out some of Halifax’s most influential fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers to get your daily dose of pretty. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to try a new beauty or fashion trend!,hl=en

Zoe is a grad student in Nova Scotia with a penchant for makeup. Her beauty blog is mostly made up of reliable makeup reviews, so if you’re looking for a certain product but aren’t sure if it’s worth the money, head over to her blog and she’ll let you in on all the secrets.

Instagram: @writingwhimsy,hl=en

Jodi loves to show off her favourite beauty products and looks, with reviews, anecdotes, and step-by-step “face of the day” posts. Her blog is perfect for beauty lovers on a budget.

Meagan’s beautifully curated page has the perfect balance of makeup and lifestyle posts, for those of you looking for all your beauty needs as well as some delicious new recipes and “tips for adulting,” all in the same place!

Check out Kerri’s colourful blog for your daily dose of beauty inspo. Her page is the perfect melting pot of beauty hauls, giveaways, reviews, makeup looks and weekly Fri-Yay Thoughts, a place in which the blogger gives her readers some insight into her life.

Beauty and makeup blog india

Sara is a freelance makeup artist who loves to make women feel the most beautiful they possibly can. Her blog has the scoop on all the latest beauty sales and products, and her portfolio will have you wanting to book her for your next event.

Instagram: @girlmetblush,hl=en

Musemo, or Mo, as she goes by, has a blog that will immediately perk you up. Her positive messages, bright colours and absolutely beautiful images, mainly of the gorgeous purses that the blogger herself makes, will brighten your day immensely. It’s only a matter of time before you place your order for one of these adorable clutches!

Instagram: @misslionhunter

Kayla Short knows fashion, what with being a personal stylist at the Halifax Shopping Centre and all. She writes about everything from new designer launches, sought after beauty products, must-have accessories, up-and-coming trends and much more. You’re guaranteed to come away from this blog having learned something new.

Instagram: @shortpresents

The three wonderful contributors of this blog, Krista, Meghan and Melissa, have curated a blog perfect for those of you with the most refined fashion sense. They hit all the hottest and most aesthetically pleasing spots in Halifax, such as shops like MakeNew, trunk shows, fashion shows and so much more. In addition, people from all around the world submit photos of their unique fashion and style to create a page that will inspire you branch out of your fashion comfort zone.

Beauty and makeup blogspot

Instagram: @fashioneasthfx,hl=en

The mastermind behind MakeNew Curated Thriftshop is also the mastermind behind the shop’s beautiful fashion blog. Anna has a gift for giving used and recycled clothes enough love to make them look brand-new and high fashion, and the love she puts into her work is visible on her page. Scroll for days for one of the most visually pleasing blogs you’ve ever seen.,hl=en

Kaylee is here to help you “curate a life that is juuust right” - her words not ours. Her beautiful page allows you to find exactly what you want, whether it’s fashion or beauty tips, recipes, interior décor inspiration, and so much more. Once you get sucked in, you’ll never get back out.

Instagram: @theblondielocks,hl=en

Blare June is changing the way we think about fashion and lifestyle blogs: she is using her page as a medium to discuss something that affects us all, mental health. It’s beauty with a focus on wellness, as her goal is to help you life your, best, happiest life possible, Whether you’re just here for the fashion or you’re in need of a bit of empowerment, you’ll fall in love with blarejune as soon as you log on.

The beauty and makeup blog facebook,hl=en

12. Love &, Sundays

Finally, Love &, Sundays is an Instagram blogger who is changing the game. Her flare for style and beauty, mixed with her immense love for her beautiful children (which is made obvious on her page) is endearing and inspiring. Based in Halifax, her conversations about food, motherhood and fashion are ones you won't want to miss!

Instagram: @loveandsundays

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