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The hottest summer 2017 catwalk trends in makeup are brought to you with a breath of fresh air. Literally, a breath of fresh air. The natural glowing no makeup/makeup is the look of the season. Illuminated, non-contoured, glowing skin and an easing up on the thickness of the brow and a feather-light touch of blush. It heralds a light, breezy return to nature. Of course, it may not be so easy to achieve this minimal, natural look and many of us will have our Photo-ready airbrush effect make up prised from our clutching grasp. It’s time for a natural skin color, set off with the brave addition of bold neon eye-shadow and metallic lipstick. Beauty makeup blogs.

Foundation- Is she wearing make-up?

Yes, the no makeup make up is back. The runways of Spring/Summer 2017 saw super uber natural looks with the Stella McCartney, Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen collections. Of course this is only good newsfor gorgeous flawless beauties of the catwalk. All other mortals will have to work harder than ever to achieve that ‘natural look’. Finding the right foundation is essential for this. According to a new American study, a whopping 73 percent of women surveyed, say that finding the right foundation is a real challenge. Despite the rows and rows of foundation shades that line shelves at stores, 54 percent of these women also complained that finding their colour match is their number one issue. To make matters even more complicated, 62 percent have problems applying foundation correctly. If in doubt about which foundation to use, seek advice from your beauty consultant at point of purchase. Choose good makeup tools, blenders and brushes and spend some time on YouTube tutorials seeking the best ways to apply.

Less Powder – More Glow

This season, face powder usage is going down. Dewy, ‘good to glow’ skin is sought after for Spring Summer 2017. This means the departure of the super matte look which liberal use of powder achieved. If you really want to illuminate and glow, we recommend that highlighter be applied before foundation. A product like Vichy Slow age Corrective Care Fluid Moisturiser is perfection for this perfection look. Yes. Before the foundation!! Foundation is inclined to look a little dull and matte as the day progresses, so top makeup artists are advising the application of concealer and highlighter first and lastly, the foundation. Good skin care is always important, but it becomes vital when we seek a flawless and pure look. The Clarins, Vichy, La Roche-Posay and Elizabeth Arden skin care ranges are amongst the classic and most popular as there are products for every skin type. Vichy Ideal Body 3 Gold Oil

Soft Contours- Warm Blush

Subtle is the watchword of the season. This year Giogrio Armani and Guy Laroche collections saw a warm taupe colour contour, with a yellow brown bronzer blended with a peachy blush. The overall effect leads to a style that is set to replace the Instagram contour trend. This mean that application will not take up so much time but more importantly, it looks better in real life. Blushes in pinks and peaches are back and will lend a more youthful bloom to your summer makeup. Clarins Bronzing &, Blush Compact

Bold Eyes

Lavenders, baby blues, yellows and whites abound. If you are bold enough to wear these bold shades, you will be right on fleek for this season. Frosted shadows are also really popular on the catwalks as many of 2017’s trends are about texture rather than colour. Check out Clarins Essential range palette for a non clumping smooth effect. Leave the autumnal smudgy shades of autumn and embrace the bright summer shades. Mix it up with brave new palettes. Clarins The Essentials Eye Make Up Palette

Pucker Up for the summer -Lips:

Last year’s lips were matte and liquid matte. That is so Last year my dear! Lip gloss is back. Gloss it up with shades of pink, lilac and nudes. It brings a refreshing change, adding dimension, shine and youth. Lips are metallic too! (If you have the nerve to wear them). Gold and silvers were puckering up all over the catwalk lips. If you are a traditional lipstick fan and prefer the more classic approach, try the very pretty Lancome Le Lip liner and Lancome Lip Lover High Gloss Lipstick Balm, or not go for a half way option and take a look at the Crayola Clinique set of vampy and youthful lip colours.


Lips and tips are metallic this summer. Shades of copper, silver bronze and gold are shimmering in the heat. Bring your metallic nails right up to date with ombré nails. Fun and light colour on the top of the nail gradually blends into a darker polish toward the tip. Getting the perfect ombré effect can take time and a little practice. A perfect activity for that girl’s night in. All you need are two co-ordinating polishes, a make-up sponge and an online tutorial.

Things are heating up girls and it is time to revamp the makeup bag. Throw out the makeup bag and get a brand new hot, shimmering, natural summer Magee’s, we have all a range of brand names, a dizzyingly variety of products in all price ranges and a wealth of knowledge to revitalize your beauty routine and your overall look and shine as your beautiful self.

The difference in Eau de Cologne and eau de parfum is not just the price you pay but refers to how you apply and lasting properties of your chosen fragrance. At Magees our dedicated staff can assist you in choosing a fragrance which suits your personality but also the way in which you wear your perfume.

Essential oils are the basis of any perfume and these include absolutes (jasmine, rose, neroli), animal extracts (musk, ambergris), sandlewood etc. and synthetic fragrances. This base perfume essence might not actually be enticing by itself and in some cases may be rather unpleasant. This is the concentrated perfume which must be diluted by alcohol and/or water.

Fragrances come in many forms and have many different names but generally the main four categories are as follows:

Perfume: The most expensive version of any fragrance. This is due to the high concentrate of essences. Perfume is an art form of alchemy and the top brands release a heady mix of top notes, heart and base note which release over time. Perfume tends to be slightly oilier and will typically contain 15-40%, with an average content of 225% pure perfume extract. It has a slightly thicker, oilier consistency. It tends to be sold with ‘,stopper bottles’, and not sprays. It is too strong to spray all over (and tooexpensive). Only a tiny amount is needed and it is longer lasting than any of the other forms of fragrances Giorgio Armani Si Le Parfum. 40ML Magees Price €125.00

Eau de Perfume/(Parfum): A more diluted perfume essence makes up eau de Parfum, with more alcohol and water. This means the smell is a bit lighter and usually doesn’,t last quite as long, but as the top notes die away, the middle notes or heart notes of the perfume become more noticeable. Many women find Eau de Parfum preferable because it is more discreet and is suitable to spray on hair or clothing. (Delicate fabrics such as silk may stain so caution is advised). Typically there will be 10-20% perfume essence in Eau de Perfume. It is of course cheaper but it usually lasts well and is sold in small sizes which are perfect for handbags. Agent Provocateur Eau De Parfum Magees Price €24.95

Eau de Toilette: A lighter version still and usually sold in spray bottles, Eau de Toilette contains between as little as 4% and as much as 15% aromatic essence. The high alcohol content means it will not last very long but the economic price means that you can use liberally. Generally this version is the most advisable to use day to day as it is less intense and even if you do use too much it will lighten up fairly quickly. The top notes dominate making it refreshing when it is applied but evaporating quite quickly. Eau de toilette and cologne are the most popular forms in which

Eau de Cologne: Eau de Cologne’, is derived from French word for the city of Köln where a particular scent was first. It is the bottom of the range in terms of concentration, but this makes it perfect for the ‘splash’ kind of perfume which young people enjoy. There are specific blends of aromas used in the making of Cologne. Typically very light, fresh and fruity and containing the essential oils, lavender, lemon, bergamot, orange and also the absolute neroli. They usually contain about 7% essence dissolved in alcohol of 60º or 70º. Eau de Cologne is perfect for hot days and for those who like a light refreshing fragrance.

Given the thousands of fragrances available, fresh, floral and oriental, choosing one that is right for you can be daunting. Remember that the fragrance that works with your best friend might not work with your chemistry. Pop into your local friendly pharmacist and test a particular perfume. At Magees, we have an exhilarating range of top brands and a selection of price ranges where you are sure to find your signature fragrance. 4711 Eau De Cologne Splash Magees Price €4.95

And if by any chance your still unsure here is a short video that explains it all!

1) What is National Skin Health Month and what is the goal of it?

Skin Health Month is a new initiative created by La Roche-Posay to create public awareness about the importance of good skin health and to encourage people to go to their local pharmacy to seek advice. We want to highlight that the Skincare Advisers in pharmacies are highly trained and, along with the pharmacists, are there to give expert advice for many skin concerns. The goal is to encourage more people to avail of a free skin consultation and find a skincare solution to meet their needs.

2) Why would you recommend La Roche Posay and what is your favourite product?

La Roche Posay are experts in sensitive skin for over 40 years. I know when recommending La Roche Posay I will find a solution for everybody. When advising people I have confidence in La Roche Posay’s efficacy – this is very important to me (minimal ingredients for maximum results). My favourite product is Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour. I often get touch dermatitis on my eyelids – they would get dry, itchy and scaly. They would feel tight and crave moisture. Nothing I used in the past would improve this until I discovered Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour. Now when I feel a flare up coming on I get my Toleriane Ultra Eye’s and put it on and around my eye contour and directly on to my eyelids…it instantly soothes them and by the next day it is gone, like magic! It is definitely my hero product.

3) Now that the weather is starting to improve, what would your advice be to protect your skin coming into the warmer months?

UVA rays are the same intensity all year round therefore protecting the skin against them daily is always a good idea. In Ireland from March to September UVB rays are more prevalent so it is definitely worth while investing in a good moisturiser to protect against both UVA &, UVB during the summer, or use a sunscreen every day suitable for your skin type.

Skin hydration is a very important factor in maintaining healthy looking skin, humid conditions during the summer months can dehydrate the skin so I always recommend a hydrating serum to be used throughout the warmer months to keep those hydration levels up. La Roche-Posay have a great serum called Hydraphase Intense, it’s like a glass of water for the skin!

4) There is a lot of debate around what the best age is to start using anti-aging products. What would you recommend?

External aggressors account for up to 80% of our skin ageing! With the main culprit being UV rays! A well hydrated skin is necessary to ensure cellular turnover, and good cell turnover is necessary to ensuring health looking skin! (Cell turnover slows down as young as 25) Throughout your 20’s ensure to keep your hydration levels up and seek moisturisers to protect the skin against both UVA&, UVB rays. From your 30’s onwards look for ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid to help keep lines at bay and skin firming ingredients such as Vitamin C or Retinols.

5) There are so many products on the market these days – how do I know where to start when choosing the right one for me?

I agree there are so many and most of them are brilliant. The best place to start is in your pharmacy, get advice and a skin consultation. An educated opinion is best before you start spending lots of money on products that may not be suitable.

6) How often do you recommend exfoliating?

I recommend exfoliation 1-2 times weekly. I recommend gentle exfoliation if you have sensitive skin and avoid the cheeks if they tend to be more reactive.

7) What does your own skincare routine involve?

My skin is generally sensitivity (slight stinging and burning sensations from time to time) with dehydration. I remove my make up with a Micellar water and a damp cotton pad every evening and morning, I exfoliate gently once a week and use a hydrating mask. I use Hydraphase Intense Serum (LOVE) with my moisturiser every morning and evening. I have recently started using the Anthelious SPF 50+ Ultra Light Invisible Face Mist as my SPF – it is a serious game changer! I top it up throughout the day if I am outside or driving it is so lightweight and doesn’t disturb my make-up.

8) If you had to choose one skincare product that you could not live without, what would it be and why?

Ahhh so difficult. It would have to be Hydraphase Serum – I love the cooling sensation and the instant plumping effect – My skin craves it after a long day in air-conditioning!

My tip would be not to suffer in silence – no question is too silly – get expert advice in pharmacy and stick to a routine – it will pay off. Don’t cover imperfections or insecurities with make-up – go back to basics and get your skin to its optimum. You are never too old for Acne, you are never too young for fine lines so if they appear seek a second opinion. La Roche Posay definitely has the products to support you on your journey to healthy skin.

We are delighted to announce that from the 23

Beauty makeup blog names

March 2017, we will be offering an amazing 20% off ALL Blank Canvas Cosmetics both in-store and online! Add in the fact that we always offer Free Delivery on orders over €50.00……sure it would be rude not to treat yourself!

Blank Canvas Cosmetics is an award-winning company and their products have been featured by a huge range of media:

To celebrate our 20% off promotion, we are going to tell you a bit about why we truly LOVE Blank Canvas!

The beauty industry is crowded with products from international companies. And while we love all of these products, we really believe in the importance of promoting Irish businesses. That is why we love hearing success stories from our own Emerald Isle, and Blank Canvas Cosmetics is truly a wonderful example of such a story. Founded in 2011, Irish woman Una Tynan always had aspirations to start her own business. She was inspired by the idea of making a professional beauty brand accessible to everyone by being affordable, yet not compromising on quality. Through Una’s own admission, setting up a company and becoming successful was no easy task. However, hard work and commitment paid off and Blank Canvas has become an international success.

“I’m so proud to be Irish and to have a company in Ireland….Blank Canvas is growing rapidly and everyday we’re so grateful to have such loyal customers…” (Una Tynan, interview by Nina’s Bargain Beauty, Feb 2013).

As mentioned, part of the inspiration for Blank Canvas came from wanting to make professional, high-quality beauty products affordable for everyone. Aside from the competitive prices, Blank Canvas offer zero customs charges for any customers living in an EU country. Blank Canvas products always offer incredible value for money. Their coveted makeup brush sets give you even further value for money and offer a variety of choice from those simply looking to expand their collection for personal use, to the top makeup professional looking for the best quality products and makeup tools.

You would be forgiven for assuming that the makeup products used by top professionals are from the most expensive of brands and are only used by those who have made the art of makeup part of their career. Thanks to Blank Canvas, this is just a myth. Blank Canvas is a favourite of many beauty professionals out there such as Sinead Cady (Ireland’s top beauty YouTuber) and Pippa O’Connor (Ireland’s leading model, fashion and beauty blogger).

Some favourites of the Irish beauty bloggers include the Master Series Palette 1 which is the ultimate must-have for any lover of warm neutrals (who isn’t?).

Did you have the post-Christmas blues this year? have nearly made it – January is nearly over! If you feel like treating yourself after January’s long-awaited payday, then we have just the thing for you! The Exclusive Clarins Skin Care Eventat Magees Pharmacy is back!

Magees Pharmacy is delighted to welcome back Clarins Consultant Fidelma Kelly, from the Clarins Team to our store in Letterkenny from the 9th until the 11th of February to give expert Make-Up as well as Skincare advice! We also have a promotion starting soon in store, so what are you waiting for?

When: Thursday 9 th, Friday 10 th and Saturday 11 th February

Time: All day during store opening hours

Booking Essential. Call 074 91 21409


Clarins Beauty expert Fidelma Kelly will give several demonstrations and consultations throughout each day. She will be with us on Thursday 9 th, Friday 10 th and Saturday 11 th February offering FREE one to one consultations. If you fancy a pampering make-over all you need to do is book your preferred day &, time by calling us on 074 91 21409.

As an added bonus, mention this Blog Post or quote “,FACEBOOK”, when booking &, you will automatically be entered into a draw to WIN a free Clarins Product of Your Choice along with the complimentary Clarins Big Beauty Gift to celebrate the promotion!

You will get loads of lovely tips on how to apply your makeup and how to look after your skin. Fidelma will give you guidance to maximise your assets, which will leave you feeling vibrant and more beautiful than ever!

The Clarins team are huge advocates for healthy skincare, so if you have a question concerning your skin or make-up applying book a consultation today!

To book a place and have a free consultation with our Clarins MUA, give us a call now on 074 9121409. Fidelma will book up fast, so don’t wait on to contact us and make your appointment today!

As if that wasn’t enough to make our days better, we also have a Clarins Promotion taking place in-store from the 2

February! Purchase 2 or more Clarins products (one to be skincare) and receive your choice of 4 free beauty treats along with a gorgeous beauty bag. Don’,t miss our Exclusive Clarins Skin Care Eventat Magees Pharmacy.

Another year has begun and across the country people are knuckling down to their New Year Resolutions. Whether it’s losing weight, getting fit, quitting smoking or doing “Dry January”, it’s rare that you find someone who is not trying to better themselves in some way at the start of the year.

But what about the less obvious resolutions? While the above resolutions are no doubt very important, I believe that spending a whole month resolving yourself to giving up everything all at once can sometimes just send you down the road to failure.

Here are my top tips for a New You in 2017:

This is something I have done for the last 2 years and I find it helps to keep you motivated and on-track. Rather than just having a vague notion in your head of what you are trying to achieve, seeing them written down on paper can help to keep you focused and keep them fresh in your mind. Hang the list up in your bedroom somewhere where it will catch your eye. Keep it safe. At the end of the year, having a list to look back at will make you feel great if you have achieved everything, and if there is anything you haven’t achieved maybe it will help to motivate you more for the next year!

The trick to this I find is to keep a small journal in your handbag and jot things down as they happen. If you try to commit yourself to writing a full blown diary each night then it will inevitably end up falling by the way-side (who has time for that these days?!). However keep your journal to hand and make notes of things that make you smile, make you things that make you sad. When you look back at it in a few months you will remember all the good times and see how you have overcome the bad times.

Remove the negative from your life. Easier said than done I know. Let’s face it, you’re never going to be able to get rid of all the negatives. But why not focus on the one that has the biggest impact on your life and work on eliminating this one. Whether it’s your job, a negative relationship or a bad habit, pick one thing that you can really work on and say goodbye to in 2017.

For me, this is trying a new recipe at least once a week. But it can be anything, a new hobby, upskilling or even a change of career. It can be so easy to slip into routines of doing the familiar things day-in, day-out. However something different can give you new goals, a new purpose and can be a great source of enjoyment!

If your resolution is to go on a diet or to stop spending money on unnecessary things then this can be a good one! Personally I find that going cold turkey with anything can just end up in failure. You need to live your life too and have things to look forward to! So if you’re on a diet then have one allocated cheat day a week. Or if you’re trying to save money then allocate some money at the end of the month to buy something special for yourself. Looking forward to these things can help you stay focused throughout the weeks and months.

This one may be money dependent, so maybe not the best idea for January when everyone is recovering from spending so much over Christmas! Every so often I look at my makeup collection and think to myself how I would love some new additions, or a re-fresh of my current products. Maybe you could even try something new in your skincare regime – who knows, you might have been missing out on some essential pampering product that could do wonders for your complexion.

For me, this is one of the most important things. It can be so easy to look back at negative things that happened last year and dwell on them. In my case, I found myself looking back to the resolutions that I didn’t achieve in 2016 and wondering if there was a point in trying them again this year. No one needs that kind of negativity in their lives. 2017 is a brand new year, full of new possibilities. Start the year with a positive mental attitude and you will go far.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet guys and girls? Yes it’s only the start of December but there are only 3 weekends left to go! If you need some gift inspiration, we are here to help Here is a list of some of our favourite winter fragrances for Christmas. A perfect gift for your loved one or if you simply feel like treating yourself!

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria is surprising in its difference to the original and highly popular Euphoria. A bold mix of fruit and spice, it still maintains a mellow tone that makes it perfect for the winter season.

Get up to €12.00 off the recommended retail price when you buy Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria online at Magees Pharmacy.

Everyone wants some glamour and luxury in their lives at Christmas time. Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence delivers this. Luminous and sensual with a note of sparkling champagne, this fragrance will bring some glitz and glamour to the festive season.

Makeup beauty and blog

Get up to €12.00 off the recommended retail price when you buy Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence online at Magees Pharmacy.

The unique shape of the bottle is enough to excite any girl on Christmas morning. Wrap yourself in the empowering caramel scents that characterise this perfume. With additional notes of orange, sandalwood and amber, this is truly a delectable scent for winter.

A seductive and flirtatious scent, Lady Million Privé is the perfect scent for Christmas, a time of romance and love. The cocoa and honey notes also add warmth and depth to this fragrance, a must-have for the cold winter months.

Get up to €10.00 off the recommended retail price when you buy Paco Rabanne Lady Million Privé online at Magees Pharmacy.

Its glitzy bottle is enough to get you in the Christmas mood this year, adding some festive sparkle to this mysterious fragrance. A feminine fragrance, dominated by notes of coffee, Black Opium will bring some adrenaline and sweetness to your life this winter.

Get up to €14.00 off the recommended retail price when you buy Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium online at Magees Pharmacy.

If you need some help with your Christmas shopping list, feel free to pop into us in store in Letterkenny where we will be happy to give you some advice. Or if you can’t make it in, call us up on 074 9121409.

Also check us out on Facebook for this year’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway where you can win a fantastic prize every day!

The Sugar Skull Makeup has become a recent Halloween trend and we love it at Magees! There’s no point in getting bored out of your skulls this year, so pick the Sugar Skull Makeup trend.

These painted skulls refer to the Dia de los muertos, which honours those who have died. This makeup is a form of art, so colourful and beautiful at the same time. It has grown in popularity in recent years in Ireland. Here are a few steps on how to create that amazing Halloween makeup.

Step 1: Apply a white base

Apply Lancome La Base Pro, an ultra-soft, translucent make-up base to smooth your skin surface as well as boost the makeup hold. Then add a white coloured base all over your face. Do not cover around the eyes as you will choose to fill that in with black, or a colour of choice. We recommend you use the Blank Canvas Airbrush Blender Sponge to apply your foundation. Get a flawless finish with the BC Airbrush Blender for your Sugar Skull Makeup!

Soak the sponge in warm water (not in hot boiling water) for about one minute until it expands. Squeeze all the water out. Some girls like to use a foundation brush like the Blank Canvas F02 Double Ended Foundation Brush to apply the foundation first and then blend with the Airbrush Blender sponge. Do stippling motions, by doing a gentle dabbing motion on your face.

Our tip: Always wash after use, especially after face paint. Simply wash it in warm water with some shampoo or an antibacterial cleanser. Leave to dry!

Step 2: Apply black paint

Apply black paint, or coloured paint around your eyes. Use eyeliner to create large circles, and then colour inside with the paint. You can use the Blank Canvas L29 Lip/Winged Eyeliner Brush to apply some eyeliner or paint in the circles. Then we recommend using the Lancome Khol Hypnose Waterproof Eyeliner to create the circles. Apply the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara to make your eyelashes doll-like if you choose to go for a coloured filling and not black. If you decide to go for black in the circles then no eyeliner needs to be added on the eyes either, but if you pick a colour, add some Blank Canvas Borderlines Eyeliner Pen. Also use eyeliner to draw an upside down heart shape on your nose for the perfect Sugar Skull Makeup look. Then use an eyeshadow to add some texture to the circle, we like to use the Clarins Pretty Night Eyeshadow Palette.

Step 3: Add details on your mouth

Use the liquid liner or pen you picked before to draw a line across your lips and on each sides of your mouth. Then for the ideal Sugar Skull Makeup look either go for actual teeth shapes or just vertical lines.

Step 4: Add scalloped edges

Around the circles on your eyes, around your mouth, and the heart on your nose add scalloped edges that look like flower petals. And fill them in with some eyeshadow. My personal favourite for the Sugar Skull Makeup is the Blank Canvas Colour Eyeshadow Palette, which contains 88 Matte Shimmer Colours. A large variety of highly pigmented bright shades in matte, shimmer, creamy, frosty and metallic finishes. Use the Blank Canvas E27 Cute Mini Detailer to apply the colour for more precision. Pick a nice eyeshadow colour, and then apply around the circles.

Step 5: Add small details

With the help of your eyeliner draw tiny details. If you are very good at drawing go ahead and draw a rose, flowers, scrolls, diamonds and spider webs. Do whatever works for you, and get creative!

Add some details on your forehead too. Usually a big spider web is great! Some would extend the spider web to the nose. Bring colour into your life with the BC palette! We like the Blank Canvas Borderline Eyeliner Pen for that.

Step 6: Contour

When we hear contour we think of the dark contour, well this time for the perfect Sugar Skull Makeup pick something colourful and bright instead. Again have a look at the Blank Canvas Colour Eyeshadow Palette!

Our tip: Don’t pick only one colour, do some combos: colours gradually changing as you go up.

Step 7: Add Gems and glitter

You can also add a few gems or some glitter if you fancy like shining a little when wearing your Sugar Skull Makeup.

Our last tip: add Clarins Fix Make Up to set your makeup and give a long lasting hold.

Lancôme’s renowned MUA Lorraine Byrne will be with us in-store very soon to host an exclusive Lancôme Make-Up Masterclass. Achieve the perfect complexion using the finest Lancôme products with her tips.

We also have a little treat to tease you before the actual event. We had the chance to ask her a few questions on her Beauty Routine, so read on &, take notes girls!

What first attracted you to working in the beauty industry?

Well I first discovered my love for makeup in my local pharmacy when I was 8 years old. My mother always loved makeup and fragrances and all things glamorous and then I was always getting into trouble at school for wearing makeup and nail varnish so I think my destiny was mapped out for me!

What is your favourite thing about working exclusively with Lancôme?

I am a skincare addict and have always admired Lancôme’s philosophy on the skin so it’s a pleasure to work for the brand.

Have you ever done the makeup of a famous face?

I have worked with many Irish models and TV personalities to date but am looking forward to expanding on this in 2017 by working at the BAFTA’s. Lancôme have been one of the official sponsors of the BAFTA awards for 16 years and through this collaboration I will have an opportunity to work with some of our brand ambassadors such as Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz and Julia Roberts.

What products would you recommend for dry skin?

A gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and a lovely rich hydrating mask will help comfort dry skin- especially at this time of year now the season is changing.

What are the best skin care products for oily skin?

Oily skin also needs to be exfoliated and moisturised as it can still suffer from dehydration. An oil free formula of moisturiser is best and Visionnaire fluide is one that I always recommend to clients with oiliness.

What does your personal skincare regime consist of?

Indian makeup and beauty blog

Clarisonic is my absolute must have device for a thorough cleanse. I am a big advocate of looking after my skin first and foremost and Clarisonic cleanses skin 6 times better than a manual cleanse. With all the toxins removed my products can penetrate the skin fully and work more effectively. I look after my eye area with Genifique light pearl, a delicate serum which absorbs quickly leaving the eye area hydrated and luminous. My Advanced Genifique Serum is a must have step for silky softness and I adore Visionnaire day and night cream.

What is the best product for an uneven skin tone?

Visionnaire fluid is enriched with 4% of the active ingredient LR 2412 which penetrates the skin 70% deeper than retinol to even out imperfections and repair.

What item do you buy the most? Mascaras, brushes, lipsticks…,

Honestly- there is not a single place I visit in my work where I do not make a purchase! I am a true addict. I love lipsticks and blushers at the moment and have a very (embarrassingly) large collection!

Which items do you have in your purse right now?

Teint Idole Ultra Cushion foundation (adore this for all day wear) my new Rouge Absolute lipstick and lip pencil. Liquid liner and mascara are my signature look and I never leave home without them in my bag.

What is your absolute favourite Lancôme product?

What is that 1 beauty product you would always recommend to anyone?

Do you have a beauty guru of your own? If so, who is it?

I don’t have one in particular but I admire women who encourage a balanced and healthy lifestyle in general. I do like Jillian Michaels for her fun attitude and encouragement of others.

What is the most common beauty faux-pas you see? How can we fix it?

It breaks my heart when I see foundation that is totally the wrong colour on girls. We have an obsession with being tanned in Ireland which is fine but you need to realise that the foundation you wear when you are tanned is a different shade to without tan so I would suggest buying 2 foundations to overcome this! Also- going for a darker shade is not what gives you more colour- try adding a beautiful bronzer which gives a golden glow to a paler foundation without leaving you tangoed!

Will you share your number 1 beauty tip with us?

Smile! It sounds cheesy but it’s true. There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful and friendly smile.

With the autumn on the way, we feel like hiding away under our bed covers.

Do you ever get the feeling that you want or don’t want to be wearing some colours depending on your mood? Today we have a special treat for you, as we have created an amazing Makeup Quiz, so you can find out what lipstick colour suits your mood!

Colours can make you feel happier as they affect your health &, well-being. Some colours suit your mood and personality.

It is probably not the best thing to go for the ‘darker look’ and wear black lippy when you’re feeling down, but rather go for bright colours to lift your spirits!

Cosmetics can have some pretty amazing magic powers when it comes to making you feel better.There is a certain colour code when it comes to your lipstick colour.

Pink conveys joy &, vitality, whereas funnily enough blue makes you happier when you feel blue (pun intended).

Never mind how bad you are feeling today, you are not leaving the house without a nice lippy.

Get sparkling with Clarins Joli Rouge Brillant! It will magnify your beautiful lips and keep them perfectly plumped. You will be so irresistible, you’ll definitely find a man that will ruin that lipstick and not your mascara.

Shake shake shake, dab dab dab!! Shake these bad boys up, the more you shake them the strongest the colour.

Makeup tip: Put some red lipstick on, and then add this peachy goodness on top. This will give your lips that extra special glossy look.

Our chocolatey price: €23

This treat is nourishing, age-defying with luminous chocolatey colours, along with lovely blackberry &, liquorice scent. This lipstick colour is a must for a night out.

Make your lips so soft and supple, while moisturising them with our Clarins Joli Rouge Perfect Shine Sheer lipsticks. It has a long-lasting formula that gives all the benefits of a balm to take care of your lips.

Little makeup tip: Create a more sophisticated effect by defining your lips with a lip liner pencil before applying the lipstick.

Do you want to find out which of these colours suits your mood right now?

Have fun ladies! Also don’t forget to have a look at our lipsticks, as we have a lovely selection worth checking out.

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