Makeup for beauty photography. The Game-Changing Instagram Make-Up Artists Celebrating WOC

With Instagram beauty tutorials gaining thousands of views by the day, now, more than ever, social media is the perfect platform for make-up artists to celebrate WOC and skin tone diversity. Makeup & beauty.

And that's exactly what they're doing.

From Renny Vasquez to Nikita Baffour, these are the Insta MUAs celebrating WOC in all their glory. Time to get following&hellip,

If you're looking for avante garde make-up looks, you need to start following Giselle.

London based Giselle works on faces in the most artistic way possible whilst retaining the natural beauty and uniqueness of her models and clients.

Never afraid to shy away from colour, Giselle shows how versatile editorial make-up can be on black women and men.

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Stunning visuals and beautiful artistry with colours and textures.

Just under a year ago New York make-up artist Moshoodat Sanni launched her Instagram and began a stunning campaign celebrating black women.

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Alongside Joey Rosado of Islandboi Photography, Moshoodat creates incredible looks and concepts around the beauty and complexities of black women and their skin.

Contrasting bold colours with rich skin tones, bright flowers and glitter, Moshoodat brings nothing but positivity and glow to each look she creates, empowering black women of every skin tone.

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Breath-taking visuals and the celebration of black women.

Love the red carpet look? If you do, Renny is the person to follow ASAP.

His technique and killer diva nails have seen him working on the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Winnie Harlow and Gabrielle Union.

A brilliant makeup artist who grafts hard to make up all shades of women, Renny always demonstrates a respect and understanding of black women and make-up.

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Learning new make-up techniques as demonstrated on your favourite celeb faces.

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London based Nikita regularly leaves her Instagram following mindblown by her flawless looks and stunning models.

Ranging from killer cut creases to soft bridal looks, Nikita's artistry is one that celebrates a wide range of WOC with and without make-up.

Her use of complimentary tones and bronzed glowing skin will have you practising pronto.

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Make-up confidence, inspirational advice and helpful tutorials.

If you're ever trawling through Pinterest, chances are you've come across Mali's work.

With work from one of the most popular make-up brands right now, Anastasia Beverly Hills, under her belt, she's kind of a big deal.

Mali, who resides in Chicago, focuses on accentuating the skin by using minimal products and specific techniques on models of different complexions to enhance the natural beauty of all skin tones.

Makeup and beauty courses

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Flawless make-up techniques and product recommendations.

Ronke exploded onto the Instagram and YouTube scene with her amazing hair and transformative make-up skills.

With a focus on black women, Ronke uses her skills to not only teach others, but to inspire all WOC from her ever popular, and often touching, 'Inspiratorials' on YouTube.

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Super chic hair and major make-up inspiration &ndash, galaxy lips anybody?

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