Indian makeup and beauty blogs photo. The Ultimate List Of Affordable Face Primers Available In India

The Ultimate List Of Affordable Face Primers Available In India

After a long gap, I have decided to do these affordable products lists again. I will try to do at least two of them every month. Today we are going to look into some affordable face primers that are available in the Indian market. Actually, most of them are available internationally as well! ☺ Let’,s get started! Makeup and beauty india.

I have divided the list in two parts. Firstly, I’,d list out the primers which are under Rs.1000/- (approx $14-15 USD) and then we will come to more affordable category, that’,s under Rs.500/- (approx $7-8 USD)

Affordable Face Primers Available In India –, Under Rs.1000/-

The Ultimate List Of Affordable Face Primers Available In India

PAC is launching exciting makeup products. This primer was launched by them a couple of months back. I haven’,t read its reviews properly, but I’,m still listing it out because PAC’,s products have a positive response.

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Base Magique Primer is one of the most popular face products from L’,Oreal because it gives a nice, flawless and matte base for the foundation. You can read its full review over here . It retails for Rs.995/-, but you can get it for Rs.840/- from Amazon .

This is the best selling primer on all of the online shopping websites. I like this primer’,s packaging a lot, really want to try it someday! It is priced at Rs.825/-, currently you can buy it for Rs.660/- over here on Nykaa.

Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator

Best sunscreen in india makeup and beauty

Skinlights Face Illuminator is an illuminating base/primer. You can use it on its own or you can mix it with your foundation/bb cream to get a natural “,illuminating”, glow on your face. It will just enhance your overall look in special occasions like weddings and Indian festivals.

There comes my favourite brand! This primer is actually very cheap if you buy it directly from makeup revolution site/boots/ulta etc. But in India, it retails for Rs.850.

I got to know about this primer through Nykaa. It is priced at Rs.750/- and has pretty average reviews.

I was expecting L.A Girl’,s primer to be under Rs.400-500/- category, but its price in India is Rs.850/- which is not bad but not so great either.

In India, we don’,t have a lot of primers available that are under Rs.500! Hers are a few of them –,

Affordable Face Primers Available In India –, Under Rs.500/-

The Ultimate List Of Affordable Face Primers Available In India

Essence Cosmetics all about matte! oil control make-up base

Indian makeup and beauty blog

I’,m sorry but this primer is not yet available in India. I’,m still listing it out for my European/USA based readers. You can try to find it in the shops that sell essence cosmetics in India. It is priced at only $5.75.

As far as I know, this is a new launch by Sivanna Cosmetics. They probably have an illuminating primer too, but I’,m not able to find it on Amazon. This Sivanna Primer is available on Amazon for Rs.399/-, you can also order it through @ charis.enterprise instagram page.

Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional Make Up Primer Anti Redness

Miss Claire is a ghost-brand. We can see and buy their products online as well as in store, but there is no trace of this brand on any of the social media handles. They don’,t have any professional channel/email at all which is kind of weird.? But anyways, Miss Claire has won a lot of hearts with their soft matte lip creams and eyeshadow pans so I’,m sure that this primer must be of good quality too. ☺

Just like Miss Claire, there is no trace of Incolor either. Still, they have gained a lot of popularity because of their dupes of Sleek Matte Me lip creams! Their primer is currently available for Rs.475/- over here.

If you watch a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube/Instagram, then this won’,t come as a surprise to you because everyone out there is using this after shave balm as a make up primer. This gem of a makeup hack was first discovered by the popular beauty guru, Nikki of Nikkietutorials. I haven’,t tried it yet, but I have read numerous feedbacks of people who have used it as a primer and they were quite happy with it!

Technically, this isn’,t a makeup primer, but I have seen a few of YouTubers applying it before putting their foundation on. Maybe it works well as a primer because it adapts to the skin tone of the person using it and also gives a smooth plus sheer coverage.

Indian makeup and beauty home

That’,s all I could find in under Rs.500/- category. I hope that you guys and girls found my list helpful. You can read more posts like this by going to the Affordable Products section. Which according to you is the best face primer out of all of them?! Let me know in the comments below.

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