Beautiful makeup eyes pictures. Beyonce Without Makeup Pictures Prove The Stars Are Not Just Like Us

Beyonce is an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Most celebrities are extraordinarily beautiful, in part because society does not make it easy for non-beautiful women to become celebrities, and partly because with celebrity comes money and with money comes an army of personal groomers and trainers and facialists and makeup artists and hairdressers whose whole jobs are the creation of beauty. But without all that paint and gloss, would celebrities still be that beautiful? Beauty makeup pictures.

Beyonce just posted a few sleepy Instagram selfies of her makeup-free self looking gorgeous and rested in her 6,000-thread-count sheets. Her hair is tousled and her skin is perfect. Her nail polish seems to be a bit chipped, but we can’,t imagine it will stay that way for long. Much like Miley Cyrus‘, no-makeup shower selfie, which stunned us with how young and glowing her skin is and how much her bathroom marble must cost, this makeup-free celebrity reveal mainly makes us think how nice it must be to have all the trappings of celebrity.

Good makeup artists and hair stylists are artists. They paint with eyeshadows and can create looks that are stunning or interesting or merely pretty, but apparently even when you wash all that art off Beyonce, you’,re still left with someone who’,s really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

Beautiful makeup eyes pictures

And seriously, how comfortable do those sheets look right now? Beyonce sleeps on a cloud of snow white Egyptian cotton. She must go to the Ritz Hotel and complain about how rough the sheets are. She must have 18 mattresses piled up like the princess and the pea.

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Beautiful makeup eyes pictures

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