Allure best of beauty makeup. The 8 Best Beauty-Related Songs to Play While Getting Ready to Go Out

There are certain rituals and traditions held as sacred within the secret realm of womanhood. Think of that bond you form with a stranger when you’re both applying your makeup in your cars next to each other. You work silently and distantly, yet you’re doing this together, you know? Best beauty makeup.

Womanhood is chock-full of these unspoken truths, and I cherish them all with every fiber of my girly being.

One such tradition holds precedent over all others, and this is the act of Getting Ready Together. It’s an act perfected by women over years of practice. From adjusting our ballet buns in the mirrors before childhood recitals to glossing our lips one final time before we head downstairs to meet our prom dates, some of my fondest life memories are the moments that happened before the big events.

Getting Ready Together is a revered and significant pastime among women. Few things in life bring me as much calm as applying my mascara in the mirror next to my best friend as she applies her mascara in the mirror. Sometimes, I wish we could just spend the whole night getting ready and never actually go out anywhere.

And one of the most important aspects of any night of Getting Ready Together is the music you listen to. For me and my girlfriends, it’s usually a standard blend of Beyoncé, Robyn, Rihanna, etc. We let the divas guide us in our quest towards hotness.

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The best songs to get ready to, though, are the songs about getting ready. Any song about looking good, applying makeup, fixing your hair, etc., is a perfect addition to your pre-party playlist and I’m here to tell you all my favorite beauty-themed jams.

MAC, MAC, L’OréalYep, ‘cause I’m worth itLove the way I put it on so perfectWipe the corners of my mouth so I work itWhen I walk down the hallway they can't say nothingOh oh oh my lips so lusciousThe way I spice it up with the MAC, MAC brushes"

“Feeling Myself” by Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé

"It's time for makeup, perfect smileIt's you they're all waiting for"

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"It don't matter what you wearThey're checking out your savoir faireAnd it don't matter what you do'Cause everything looks good on you"

“U Got the Look” by Prince ft. Sheena Easton

"A whole hour just to make up your face, babyClosin' time, ugly lights, everybody's inspectedBut you are a natural beauty unaffected"

“Pretty as a pictureSweeter than a swisherMad 'cause I'm cuter than the girl that's with you”

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What are y’all’s favorite songs for Getting Ready Together?

Are we all in agreement that the act of Getting Ready Together is usually/always more fun than actually going?


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