Beauty and makeup conventions. Rihanna Is Hiring Makeup Artists for Her Fenty Beauty Cosmetics Line, Teen Vogue

If we',re talking dream jobs, getting to hang out with Rihanna on the reg ranks pretty high on our list. And with the announcement that she',s been working on her very own cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, it was only a matter of time until she gathered the makeup world',s coolest to join her. Beauty and makeup.

Inviting editorial and Instagram makeup artists to earn a spot in her squad, Rihanna asked makeup pros like James Vincent to help her announce her three-city auditions to hire members to fill various positions, including Fenty Beauty Global Makeup Artist and the International Fenty Beauty Artistry Team.

To be seen, all applicants were told to bring their resume, headshot, three portfolio images, and a copy of their application, which could be found online to one of the audition sites that were held in NYC, Dallas, and LA. "Those applicants who make it through the first interview phase will be invited to a second interview at a later date and our finalists will have a chance to interview and apply makeup on Rihanna herself," the casting call stated. Okay, that already sounds like a ton of work.

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Scoping things out for The Cut , Sable Yong waited in line in NYC with the Fenty Beauty makeup artist-hopefuls to get the details on the first audition process. Noting that people started lining up as early as 10:30 a.m. for the 2:00 p.m. call time, groups of 10 were brought in for the first round of brief meetings with the Fenty team every 20 minutes.

As it turns out, even the first interview phase included multiple rounds, as one makeup artist told The Cut , "When they bring a group in, they look at everyone',s portfolio and basically tell some people to go upstairs to see the next person, and I guess if they don',t like your portfolio you',re asked to leave."

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Narrowing down the potential members of RiRi',s beauty squad even further, the makeup artist went on to explain, "In the second round there',s a lady who just looks at you and your work and writes down some notes all intimidatingly, and then I guess if you make it through that, you',re told to go on to see the actual five judges and do an on-camera interview where you talk about your mission statement for Fenty Beauty."

While there hasn',t been an update on the second round of interviews yet, we have a feeling Rihanna will be watching all of those on-camera interviews to help make the selection. And, if her past collaborations with brands like MAC Cosmetics and Puma are anything to go by, Fenty Beauty is totally going to take over when it launches this fall.

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