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Hey EcoDivas! It's makeup artist Ashley Maronik here. I'm ready to show you how to step into fall with the latest makeup trends that everyone can feel good in. This year it’s all about experimenting with dark lippies, playing around with coppery eye shadows, and expressing your own unique individuality through makeup. Keep on reading to hear all about my favourite fall makeup trends this season. Beauty makeup looks.

Gothic Glam

Let’s vamp up your look by playing around with deep wine lipsticks. This trend is all about focusing on the lips and allowing you to play around with colours you may not ordinary gravitate towards. If you really want to make a statement, choose a lipstick as dark as black or for something a little softer and pretty opt for deep winey colours, like Sultry by NU EVOLUTION. For those of you brave enough to participate in an extreme dark lippie, I would suggest lining and filling in your lips first with a black liner, then applying your favourite burgundy lipstick over top. And, remember if you choose to go with the darker lip shade, try not to pair it with any other colours for the focus is solely on the lips.

Some of my favourite products used to help achieve a Gothic Glam look:

Hot Pink Lips

This trend is all about having fun and letting your inner child come to play. There are no rules when it comes to pink lipsticks, you can rock this trend year round! In the summer months, hot pink lips give you a fresh and flirty look while in the fall/winter months it can really brighten up your look. One of my favouite hot pink lipsticks is Neon Angel by ILIA Beauty. This colour packs a lot of punch and is long lasting. The two things a lipstick should do, in my opinion.

Halloween beauty makeup looks

Some of my favourite hot pink lipsticks:

Signature Red Lip

Red lipstick is a universal classic and has yet to go out of style. For fall this season owning a red lipstick that suits your skin tone is an absolute staple. When you wear red lipstick you evoke confidence and power that doesn’t go unnoticed. The secret to finding the right shade of red lipstick is matching it to your skin tone and not going overboard with the rest of your makeup. Simplicity is key here. I find that Wild Child by ILIA Beauty is a shade of red that seems to look good on most skin types.

Some of my favourite red lipsticks:

Natural beauty makeup looks

Copper Penny Eyelids

When it comes to eye shadow trends, warm earthy shadows are extremely hot this season. It’s a beautiful trend that everyone can wear easily with no technical application. All you need to do is apply the shadow all over your lid and you are finished. One of my favourite coppery shadow is Luminous Copper by W3LL People. It is a loose mineral shadow that is highly pigmented helping you create a bold, yet natural look.

Some of my favourite coppery-metallic eyeshadows:

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