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D o you ever wonder how all the celebs just happen to have really incredible cheekbones and glowing faces? Well, lucky for us mere mortals, it's not always the gift of God. It's all down to a little thing called contouring. Here's what to know: How to do beauty makeup.

What is it?

Countouring is a way of using darker and lighter shadowing to change the shape of your features. You can change your nose shape, make your eyes bigger, your lips bigger, your jawbone sharper, your cheekbones higher and your face slimmer by adopting the technique into your beauty regime.

Do you have to wear a lot of makeup to achieve the look?

You have to use both a darker and lighter product all over the face to achieve the desired effect but celebrities like Kim Kardashian do tend to use liquid products which usually result in a heavier look. If you're more of a no makeup makeup person, you can still create subtle shadows using a softer powder.

So, how do you do it?

Learn from the beauty Vlogger Lisa Eldridge by watching a step-by-step video...

Or read M·A·C's Senior Artist Cher Webb's top 10 tips:

1. Apply a base that gives you a radiant finish and evens out skin tone. Cover any blemishes and under eye shadows with a long wearing concealer. A flawless base will set your makeup up for success.

How to do makeup on small eyes

2. Conceal under your eyes with a shade that is two shades lighter than your skin tone to brighten. Also highlight under the brow shape, the upper cheekbones, nose panel and cupid bow.

3. When choosing a colour to contour with go for products with shades that mimic natural shadows like taupe or soft grey/browns, rather than bronzers.

4. When applying your contour use a brush that has a small tip or an angle.

5. Carve and sculpt the cheek contours by starting from the middle of the ear and gently sweeping the shadow across the face - the size of your pinkie finger is usually about right. To avoid hard lines blend with small circular movements.

6. Contour the nose panel if you feel it's necessary and the forehead. For the forehead do the outer temples to create a light halo, this looks flattering when the hair is tied back and the forehead is completely exposed.

How to do makeup with red lipstick

7. Contour under the jaw line towards the ear to define and shape the face using the same brush technique.

8. Highlight your cheekbones with a cream or powder depending on preference. After, press on to the cheekbones, nose panel and Cupid's bow on top of the light concealer that's already applied.

9. Enhance your makeup further by applying a light blush to the apples of your cheeks and a little into the cheekbones. This will marry all shades together and will promote a natural flush to the cheek.

10. Finally dust over some pressed powder to the t-zone to complete your skin look.

Need some help choosing which kits is best for you? Have a look at our guide to the best contour kits available in the UK.

How to do makeup video dailymotion

Check out the celebs who practice contouring below:

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