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It was the ultimate high-fashion space oddity – a giant rocket emblazoned with two Cs, placed in the Grand Palais at Paris Fashion Week. Chanel Fall 2017 called for ground control on a space-themed collection that gave liftoff to bouclé skirts suits, high-shine boots, and wide-legged trousers topped off with modest, high-neck tops (matching, naturally). With metallic space cadet meets Park Avenue princess three-quarter length coats, heavily embellished headbands, and Barbarella -inspired back-combed hair, Karl Lagerfeld sent a future-proof look down the runway for the upcoming winter.

Enlisting the expertise of hair stylist Sam McKnight and makeup artists Tom Pecheux, the duo delivered a 2017 twist to the iconic look of 1960s beauty. Vogue Arabia takes a tour of the makeup bag and boudoir tips that launched the look onto the runway, so you can copy/paste into your new-season repertoire.

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McKnight was inspired by Jane Fonda circa the 1968 sci-film Barbarella and captured that hair look using Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl texturizing spray and Modern Hairspray, both from his soon-to-launch collection. “Karl wanted a strong silhouette – the 1960s headbands and makeup demanded a big gravity-defying shape,” McKnight told US Vogue . McKnight coined the look the “Chanarella.”

On the makeup side, Tom Pecheux created a striking look with a graphic line across the brow bone, in the shape of a banana ( la banana ) accentuating the silver eyeshadow, reminiscent of his Chanel Spring 2016 Couture look, where he accentuated the eyes with Cleopatra-style definition.

The Fall 2017 look was created using Le Blanc de Chanel, Ombre Premi è re in 26 Noir Satin, Ombre Premi è re in 38 Titane, Calligraphie de Chanel 65 Hyperblack and Le Volume de Chanel 10 Noir applied using Les Pinceaux de Chanel, the retractable eye-contouring brush. A subtle slick of Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur 2 Rose Violine on the lips completes the look. Exaggerate the bottom lashes more layering up your mascara applications or opting for individual lash extensions. Keep your eyeshadow application in a block of silver, letting the la banana line add the final touch of drama.

For this complete look, skin was prepared with Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux and La Solution 10 De Chanel and finished with Les Beiges Teint Belle Mine Naturelle, Éclat Lumière, and Correcteur Perfection. If you want to go for the full beauty look, top if off with Le Vernis Longue Tenue 548 Blanc White and Le Gel Coat. Looks like your Chanel shopping lift is about to take off!

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Barbarella%20Look&,url=,via=VogueArabia" class="fa fa-twitter" target="_blank">

Barbarella%20Look" class="fa fa-pinterest" target="_blank">

Barbarella%20Look" class="fa fa-whatsapp Vogue-whatsapp" target="_blank">

Beautiful makeup looks

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