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Korean beauty guru and YouTube vlogger Pony shared some of her favourite make-up and skincare tips and tricks with fans in Singapore last Friday (May 13). Beauty makeup looks.

Famous for her tutorial videos on how to achieve the iconic make-up looks of pop stars such as Girls Generation and Taylor Swift, Pony's fans were more than excited to meet her in person at the launch of Etude House's newest outlet at Bugis Junction.

Just under a month ago, Pony perfected Swift's signature red lip look in her transformation video. Within days, the video went viral and garnered over 7 million views and 104,000 likes.

However, Pony shared during a question-and-answer (Q&,A) session that the red lip trend is slowly dying again.

She referenced Korea's current obsession with the MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade - a shade of nude lipstick that's almost identical to your natural lip colour - as an example of how women are trying to bring back the "less is more" look.

Pony also spilled one of her biggest beauty secrets during the Q&,A session - how to get her flawless complexion.

Many probably expected to learn about a complicated beauty regime, but her answer was simply: "Hydrating face masks".

Huda beauty makeup looks

The beauty expert then went on to emphasise the importance of keeping ones' skin moisturised and nourished throughout the day, especially when living in a hot climate like Singapore's.

"Back in Korea, I use face masks 2-3 times a week. But when I'm overseas, I use it every day. It's very important to keep your face moisturised," Pony advised.

At the event, Pony also taught fans how to achieve two different looks with a live make-up demonstration.

The first look - Clubbing Disco Queen

This sultry bronze look is great for a night out around town, Pony said as she applied make-up on fashion and beauty blogger Miyake Ng.

1. Line your peepers with a pencil eyeliner followed by a liquid eyeliner, this helps to make the look last longer and gives a cleaner finish.

Halloween beauty makeup looks

2. Always blend out your make-up with a brush - not fingers. This prevents smudges and uneven pressure when applying the product to the skin.

3. Dab your cheeks lightly with a powder cushion to cover up excess eye make-up that fall on your cheeks.

The second look - Goodbye Contouring, Hello Strobing

This is a natural daytime look that's perfect for work or school.

4. Don't shy away from lipstick. If you're not fond of colour, you can always go with nude or a pale pink.

5. Eye shadow can be used on any area of your face - not just your eyes. You can use eye shadow on your cheeks as a highlighter or even on top of lipstick to give your lips a matte glitter finish.

Sleeping beauty makeup look

6. Always remember to apply mascara over your false eyelashes and real eyelashes so that the lashes look as one.

Besides the exclusive meet-and-greet with Pony, guests were also invited to get their nails done using the new digital art machine that's exlusively available at Bugis.

If you missed the chance to meet Pony, you can still get limited edition makeup sets curated by the K-beauty guru at Etude House's new Bugis Junction and JCube stores before they run out.

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