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Emma Watson has made a striking impression during their worldwide tour for the promotion of the live-action film, &ldquo,Beauty and the Beast.&rdquo, In New York City, their final stop, Watson&rsquo,s beauty style attracted the attention of many. Beauty style makeup.

The &ldquo,Harry Potter&rdquo, alum made a bright appearance with her glowing skin, classic red lipstick and pretty hairstyle. Watson&rsquo,s beauty style was recently revealed by the 26-year-old actress herself to Into the Gloss, opening up about her favorite products for makeup and skincare.

Watson&rsquo,s beauty style revolves around a healthy skin regimen in which she washes her face every night despite coming home early in the morning after a shoot. The Brown University alum makes sure she goes through the process of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, as noted by Hollywood Life.

&ldquo,People are amazed by this, but it&rsquo,s just one of those self-care practices that I really enjoy. I think it&rsquo,s because, when I was going through puberty &mdash, particularly around ages 14 and 15 &mdash, I had really bad skin,&rdquo, Watson shared about her skincare routine. &ldquo,So when you get in a good place with your skin, you really appreciate it and try to take care of it.&rdquo,

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Watson&rsquo,s beauty style products from the NYC premiere of &ldquo,Beauty and the Beast&rdquo, were also revealed. While the actress likes wearing makeup, she admitted that she preferred having light makeup that still looks like normal skin.

&ldquo,On a daily basis, I&rsquo,ll always use the Red Pomegranate Cheek and Lip Stain from The Body Shop,&rdquo, Watson shared. The Paris-born actress explained how these products don&rsquo,t actually look like makeup and that she looked forward to products that give her skin a pop of color as she tends to &ldquo,get very pale.&rdquo, Products that make the actress look healthy and less tired are the focus of Watson&rsquo,s beauty style. She even praised RMS for releasing the &lsquo,Un&rsquo, Cover-Up Concealer and Powder that is ideal for everyday makeup.

While Watson's beauty style has been a favorite subject among her fans, her performance as Belle in the upcoming live-action Disney movie as seen in trailers has been taking the spotlight over the past months. Watson is set to appear in &ldquo,Beauty and the Beast&rdquo, opposite &ldquo,Downton Abbey&rdquo, alum Dan Stevens. The &ldquo,Beauty and the Beast&rdquo, premiere has been set on Mar. 17, 2017.

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