Love and beauty makeup brushes. 30 beauty and makeup hacks you didn t know you needed,

Tips and tricks that will totally change your beauty routine.

Everyone loves a good beauty hack. So we made it our mission to create the ultimate list of totally ingenious beauty, makeup and skincare hacks. Beauty and makeup love.

We asked all our friends for their hacks plus we interviewed a high profile makeup artists. We read through countless beauty how-tos and combed all the beauty subreddit for tips. And this is what we've ended up with - a list of 30 of the easiest, coolest and most time-saving tricks you'll ever read. You're welcome.

1. Use concealer to cover untidy brows if you don't have time to pluck away the stray hairs.

2. Raid your kitchen pantry for a jar of virgin coconut oil. Use it as an in shower body and hair conditioner. The heat of the shower will melt it into a thick liquid you can lather into your hair and on your skin.

3. If you can't be bothered to get a perfect mascara application, just glue on a few individual corner lashes instead. It will take less time and give a more perfect result.

5. If your bronzer always seems to rub off, use a darker foundation instead. Once it's set, it won't budge.

6. Sick of waiting for your nails to dry? Use quick dry drops. Add a couple of drops to each nail for dry nails in seconds.

8. If you're applying foundation with a sponge, add a little primer after you wet it. This stops the sponge from absorbing all your product.

9. Heat your eyelash curler with a hairdryer before using to help your eyelashes hold their curl.

10. Fix broken powder compact rubbing alcohol. Crush the powder up more and pour in the rubbing alcohol. Once the alcohol has evaporated, your compact will be back in tact.

Love and beauty makeup brushes review

12. Eyeshadows won't blend? Apply a skintone base shadow to make blending easier.

13. If you're short on brush cleanser, wash makeup brushes with baby shampoo.

14. If you’ve got big pores you want to conceal, use the Wayne Gossmethod of applying foundation. That is, apply powder first then foundation.

15. Add an extra hit of moisture under your eyes before applying concealer - either a spritz of mist or an eye cream. This will stop the concealer from becoming dry and cracking.

16. Remove your makeup with oil before cleansing. Oils are great at dissolving stubborn makeup like mascara. Try olive oil or jojoba oil.

18. Clean pillow cases regularly to avoid bacteria coming into contact with your face and causing break outs.

19. Also, make sure you regularly disinfect the surface of your phone. The bacteria on your phone can cause pimples on your cheeks.

20. Use your lipstick to add a flush to your cheeks (instead of blush) that matches the rest of your makeup.

21. Always have a light and dark foundation on hand to mix into your regular colour. As your skin changes colour depending on the season, this allows you to create a custom shade all year round.

Love and beauty makeup wipes

22. In a makeup compact, store the side of the sponge that touched your face upward facing the mirror so the face oils on the sponge don’t soak into the makeup.

24. Apply tape from the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow as a guide for the ultimate eyeliner wing.

25. If you've run out of dry shampoo, just use baby powder.

26. Scaly and dry skin on your arms and legs. Unrefined shea butter is a great moisturiser that will lock in moisture for days and won't leave you greasy. It's cheap too.

28. Dust an eyeshadow the same colour as your hair along your part. It will make your hair look thicker.

29. Found a mascara brush you really like? After your mascara runs out, keep it and use it to brush your lashes through when you buy a new mascara. You'll have clump free lashes every time.

30. Set your lipstick by colouring your whole lip in with lip liner before applying your lippie. This will make the colour stay much longer.

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