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As the FACE2FACE Makeup Awards are getting closer... I can start announcing our amazing judges! The first to be announced is Georgina Urrutia, one of the amazing Agent &, Producer's from RELOAD AGENCY. Georgina will be amongst the judging panel of the Beauty Editorial category. Her vast experience in the industry and an eye for detail are the kind of eyes you want to put your work in front of. Beauty makeup images.

The question of 'photo editing' for the Beauty Editorial is a constant one being asked and I thought with Georgina coming on board,,,, this would be a perfect opportunity to ask her opinion on this topic.

We live in a digital world and the expectation to have a range of unphotoshopped photos for the competition is unrealistic as even the most basic image is adjusted in some capacity...

I have spoken to many people about how much could a beauty image be photoshopped for a makeup competition... and there is such a variety of opinions. One photographer even suggested that entrants provided the Photoshop file for the image so judges could see how much has been tweaked.

The overall consensus of opinion is that if judges can see how much its been tweaked ( and their eyes are trained well) and it has turned into an artificial makeup image... this wouldn't be judged well compared to a well balanced imaged with minimal Photoshop and amazing makeup. Its a balancing act.

With a background in Photo Editing, I was really interested in Georgina's opinion on the topic...

First up Georgina, could you tell us a little about your background?

Having worked across 7 titles, I began my career working in magazines as a production co-coordinator, working my way up into producing advertorials. Vivien’s Creative, a photographic agency was my next stop where I spent my time producing and looking after talent. 3 years later, I experienced the other side of the creative process as a photo editor for Sunday Style and TV week.

Beauty makeup images

· This year you are coming to the Face2Face Makeup Awards to judge the Beauty Editorial Category, what would your idea of a winning entry look like?

I would be looking for an image with a point of difference and great detail. Fresh, clean dewy skin with a strong lip and structured eyebrows would be a stand out for me.

I have had many artists over the past two years contact me in regards to my thoughts on photo editing of their entries. I know when I joined Reload Agency a couple of my images appeared a little ‘overworked’ and we tossed them from my folio immediately and understandably– They weren't the best representation of my work. It would be unrealistic to ask entrants to provide two ‘COVER WORTHY’ images and request no photo editing of any kind. What would be your advice to the entrants around creating beautiful images that still holds integrity of artistry but aren't over worked?

I think if the entrants would like to clean up their images and retouch them making slight changes to the photograph is ok. When images start to look exaggerated and too enhanced, I feel the images have been overworked and un –natural.

The entrants need to stick to their brief, believe in what they are creating and run with what they know, this usually makes for a great picture.

What DON”T you want to see in the entries?

Beauty parlour makeup images

I don't want to see overly retouched images and sloppy detail, detail is everything. The images need to be natural with great composition.

Last question… in general… what do you think are the most important qualities a makeup artists needs to have to be a success in the industry?

Having worked with many makeup artists over the years I would say the key to success is a can do attitude, self confidence and hard work. Personality in this industry goes a long way.

One thing I love to do when writing these articles is to provide visual examples.

I had a wee moral dilemma when considering this part of the article as to 'shame and expose' BAD PHOTOSHOP then have those creatives see I have used their creations would be amazingly insulting... and how I can imagine the feeling for the artists who toil over their wares to sell on only to end up on (if you do not know about regretsy... i would put some time aside for a giggle and jump on )

So I will attempt this delicately.

Images of beauty makeup

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