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Social Media Tied to Trends Adding the Most Dollars to the Makeup Category

Port Washington, NY, September 26, 2016 – Defining many of the most popular, growth-driving trends in makeup today from contouring to draping, the internet went from the least-frequented source of product information four years ago, to the fastest-growing in 2016, swaying both styles and sales, according to global information company The NPD Group ’s Makeup In-Depth Consumer Report 2016. More women today are looking to the internet for information on makeup products and brands, up 11 percentage points versus 2014, or more than any other information source. Makeup beauty supply.

Makeup users of all ages rely most on the word of mouth from friends and others to help them make purchasing decisions, but who they consider that friend or go-to source depends much on the age. Millennials are most likely to rely on online sources for makeup information, including websites, social media sites, YouTube videos, blogs, and mobile apps. As a result, millennials are the main consumers that are driving the makeup trends seen.

“Led by millennials, social media has really fueled the internet’s influence on makeup purchasing. The trends that have added the most incremental dollars to the makeup category over the last year are the ones that were seen the most on social media,” said Karen Grant, global beauty industry analyst, The NPD Group. “The biggest success story of 2015 was contouring, which grew six-times its size in 2015 as the number of products on the counter, from primers to highlighters, tripled since 2013. The newest trends taking hold and being seen on social media include makeup baking, which is boosting sales of loose powder, and draping, which has helped blush sales to turn around a decline and see growth in 2016.”

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In addition to being used for product and brand information, the internet is a critical platform for the makeup market as it is resonating across users and is among the top five most common channels used for purchasing makeup products. The internet ranks just below department stores and ahead of direct sellers, national chains, and beauty supply stores. Also, the most engaged makeup user is even more likely than the general population to turn to the internet for information and ultimately purchase products online.

“Online is beauty’s primary growth engine, not just for the future, but now. It’s the arena where consumers are most free to investigate and discover products as well as emergent brands. As user generated content continues to grow more prominent and influential, it’s also building a reputation as the trusted voice consumers turn to when contemplating a purchase,” said Grant. “Building and maintaining a strong and creative online presence is crucial to capture the most engaged makeup and overall beauty consumers.”

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Source: The NPD Group, Inc. / Makeup In-Depth Consumer Report 2016

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