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Scrolling through Zalora or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube during work hours is something we fashion/makeup addicts are all guilty of. Sitting in front of a screen from 9 to 5 within the confines of a cubicle is obviously a nightmare to anyone who cannot just sit and type all day. Fashion beauty makeup.

Here’s a list of jobs that are not only more interesting than your usual mundane data entry gig, but also a great opportunity to do something you love and earn some cash while you’re at it! Calling out all my ladies who wish to enter the beauty industry - these are 7 jobs to consider, that may fit the bill:

1. Beauty Consultant (Full-Time)

We all know that sudden urge to experiment with super dramatic hair and makeup looks after binge-watching tutorials online. If only we had someone to practise on other than ourselves - life would be so much easier.

As a beauty consultant, you can learn far more than just makeup and hair looks. From spa treatments to facials, unleash your inner beauty guru and learn how to pamper yourself!

2. Fashion Associate (Full-Time)

You can finally fulfill your Devil Wears Prada dream and work as a fashion associate at atas brands like Armani Exchange, Mulberry and Club 21. When styling customers become part of your job scope, you’re literally getting paid to play dress-up!

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3. Zara Sales Executives (Full-Time)

Summoning all my fellow shopaholics - you can now visit Zara every day. Keep yourself updated on latest promotions, retail arrivals and up your fashion game by becoming a full-time Zara-approved sales executive... all while getting paid? Sounds pretty damn worth it to me.

4. Pandora Sales Associate (Full Time)

Now you can do beyond just walking past Pandora ogling at their beautiful jewelry. Pandora is now hiring full-time sales associates who are enthusiastic about selling their products. So if you’re keen on dealing with some atas jewelry, apply here. You know what they say: if you can’t afford to buy ‘em, sell ‘em.

5. Fashion Retail Assistant (Part-Time/Full-Time)

It’s fun to judge observe random people’s fashion choices on the MRT when you’re bored and really have nothing better to do. But it’s even more fun to watch them pick clothes out with their tired af boyfriend standing at one corner holding multiple shopping bags.

Work part-time or full-time as a fashion retail assistant and trust me, you’ll be surprised at how drastically your fashion sense improves afterwards - It’s called watch and learn.

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6. Charles &, Keith Assistant Shop Manager (Full-Time)

Having an entire wardrobe full of shoes can mean 2 things - either that you have issues (or should I say, ishoes), or you’re just passionate about shoes in general. However, a worrying amount of shoes is definitely not all you need. This job requires a great deal of people skills and good management, as you will be required to manage staff and plan rosters - so be prepared to challenge yourself in those areas too.

7. SaSa Cosmetics Beauty Advisor (Full-Time)

There are some people who can just go on and on about makeup and cosmetics without getting bored because hey, makeup is anything but boring. If you fall into this category, finding work as a beauty advisor is probably a dream come true. Talk about makeup all day errday and advise customers on beauty and cosmetics while getting paid for it - perfect.

A job is no longer a job when it’s something you love

Do something you love and never dread going to work ever again. Jobs don’t have to be boring and mundane all the time - in this industry, it’s hard not to find an interesting one (especially if it involves makeup!). The jobs listed above are all open for application on FastJobs, so follow your heart and send in that application.

The simplified job search with FastJobs

Finding a job used to mean - massive headache. FastJobs allows you to browse jobs by job function, making it super efficient and convenient to apply just with a few clicks. Find a great match to something that suits you and apply at FastJobs. There are limited positions available for each listing, so remember to be quick - or should I say, fast.

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Being the lazy generation we are, if opening your laptop and going to their website is too much of a hassle, FastJobs has a mobile app that makes things even more convenient. With the app, you can literally browse through jobs while lying in bed overthinking at 2am - efficiency at its best. Not only does the app recommend jobs based on your preferences, but also has a super user-friendly interface for noobs who cannot navigate through technology.

This post was brought to you by FastJobs Singapore.

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