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I&apos,m not rushing summer out the door, I swear, but it&apos,s holiday-preview season in beauty media world right now. Well, obviously if we&apos,re talking about the Tarte Holiday 2015 Light of the Party gift set already. You&apos,ll have seen it yesterday on Instagram  ,maybe. Larger images below so you can start those holiday wish/gift list on Pinterest right now. (You do that, right?) Beauty makeup set.

tarte holiday 2015: light of the party photos

Here&apos,s the brand image of the Tarte Light of the Party holiday 2015 gift set. Snaps from the Sephora preview below.

The Tarte holiday gift set includes a mini Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara and a double-ended makeup brush, a takeaway palette in a mirrored recess inside the lid, and a 24-shade eyeshadow palette.

Tarte Light of the Party takeaway palette shades:

shadows: Popcorn Strand (matte rose ivory) ,and Wrapped Up (matte pale pink), Dancer &, Prancer (shimmering pink taupe) ,and Shining Star (smoky metallic bronze), Yule be Surprised (matte chocolate) and Mulberry &, Bright (deep shimmery plum with sparkle)

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Tarte Light of the Party eyeshadow shades (from far left, top row):

Sugar Cookie (soft ivory), In a Flurry (shimmering pearl), Fizz the Season (champagne), It&apos,s Snow Time (glistening white), Eggnog (matte yellow cream), What a Wonderful Pearl (pearl matte white)

Miracle of Light (bronze gold), Rum Pum Plum (matte rose plum), Tartetini (matte light pink), Baby it&apos,s Gold Outside (shimmering rose gold), Peach on Earth (matte peach), Come What Grey (matte slate)

Under the Mistle-Taupe (shimmering taupe), Ring-A-Ling (plum mauve), Fireside Chat (dusty rose), Party Favored (matte tan), Gingerbread Mansion (auburn), Chrome for the Holidays (silver)

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Sleigh Watch (matte dark chocolate), Mulled Wine (matte plum), Cocoa What Fun (matte cocoa), Black Velvet (matte black), Haute Chocolate (matte chestnut), Midnight Kiss (matte navy)

The holiday 2015 Tarte Light of the Party beauty set ( $71 at and $59 at ) is an especially good gift for lovelies who adore and wear lots of eye shadow. And for Tarte fans in general, I think. Should hit stores somewhere between late September and mid-October. UPDATE: available now! ) ,Oh, and apparently the retail value is $473 CAN/ $394CAN.

So, whaddya think? Is this going on your wish list? Or gift list? Or is it a bit too soon to tell? Or, now that you know it&apos,s already online, you gonna pull the trigger ASAP??

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