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If you',re the type of person who takes credit for discovering bands before they were cool, then Shen Beauty is your makeup-shopping equivalent of a High Fidelity record store. It carries lesser-known (but majorly awesome) brands, like Ilia, Kjaer Weis, and Love + Sage.

This bright, all-white store carries just about every gorgeous product in the beauty alphabet (David Mallett hair sprays, Marvis toothpastes, Sunday Riley face oils). It recently launched a same- or next-day delivery service, and if that weren',t enough reason to stop in, they also offer killer brow shaping.

It feels like a little girl',s dream bedroom, with tons of mirrors on the walls and chandeliers on the ceiling. Cream sells makeup, bags, and home fragrances, but the highlight is its selection of indulgent body products (think Kiehl',s, Bliss, Whish, and St. Tropez).

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"It',s gigantic [over seven levels] and has all the brands you know [Chanel, Shu Uemura]," says Barose. "Plus, you',ll also find interesting Asian brands that aren',t available in the U.S."

With all the escalators and glass display cases, you might forget you',re in Korea',s oldest department store. That is, until you see the rows of cosmetics dedicated to—what else?—perfect skin. Korean brands, like Cosme Decorte, Hera, and OHui, line the aisles.

441-10 Yeongdeungpodong 4(sa)-ga

Model Irene Kim loves to stop in this cheerful beauty-supply store—kind of like a Walgreens or a Boots—to stock up on face and body products.

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In Seoul, there',s one item you can',t leave without. "Innisfree is my go-to for one-dollar sheet masks," says Kim. That',s a good enough reason for us to book a plane ticket.

This building would blend right in on the Vegas strip thanks to its flashy LED-covered exterior. Inside, Kim stocks up on splurges such as face creams and lip gloss.

Situated inside a traditional shopping mall, this expansive, chandeliered drugstore is where model Caroline Trentini heads to find products from all over the world—vitamin C serums, mattifying powders, anti-aging treatments, even bug repellent.

The salon looks like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, with plants covering the walls and ceiling. And it',s also where model Ana Beatriz buys organic hair products like oils, masks, shampoos, and conditioners from lines like Cris Dios and Laces.

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