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We are very thankful to be starting the week with a Manly Monday interview with Chris Hogg! Chris has been a stylist at Epic Salon in Encino for the last four years, and he is also an Insider for Paul Mitchell’,s Giving is My Style philanthropy campaign. Listen up, fellas! He’,s got some great tips (…,and not just about hair). At the end of the interview, watch a YouTube tutorial of Chris as he teaches us two manly looks! Makeup and beauty home.

I’,m currently doing bi-weekly classes in my town to help dads out, and I’,m attempting a few mom and daughter classes to see if they can benefit.

I’,m not a professional, I’,m not even that good at teaching. I have a big heart though and my intentions are good, so I let those things guide me. I’,m also grateful that my daughter is happy to help. She really is the rock behind it all

Thank you, Philippe and Emma! You are an inspiration, and we are so glad to know you!

Welcome back to Beauty Bus’, Manly Mondays! Today, Dev Rice, Director of Communications and Creative for Bosley Professional Strength , is manning up and sharing his manly beauty secrets. We are so excited to have Dev with us today! Dev is also a RYT-500 Yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner. (Can we say, well-rounded?)

Dev Rice, Director of Communications and Creative, Bosley Professional Strength

Without further ado, let’,s meet Dev!

Meditate, coffee, shower and go…

Mediation and coffee –, a combination we can get behind.

Favorite grooming products? Hair, skin or otherwise?

Some favorite Man Beauty Products

Do you think men’,s beauty products have come a long way? Examples?

Well, yes. 20 or 30 years ago, men weren’t really using moisturizers and eye creams and all of that. Today there are so many products on the market geared specifically for men, it’s crazy. In general men are just more knowledgable about, and open to, using “beauty” products. It’s easier to research products on our own and the products are easier to buy, even if we don’t want to make our purchase in a brick-and-mortar store.

I think this is driven by the fact that people are taking better care of themselves in general and we all live in a world in which our age doesn’t necessarily define us anymore.

Any recommendations for thinning hair?

Use products that help maintain a healthy scalp while helping to clear debris from the hair follicles themselves, like Bosley Pro. Also, wash you hair after working up a sweat. More sweat can lead to more sebaceous oils in the follicles and to an increase in D.H.T., a cause of thinning.

Homemade makeup and beauty products

Great tip! Wash hair post-workout to slow thinning process.

Yes. I once wore so much cologne to an event, many years ago, that I was gagging. I could smell myself the whole time. Just gross.

Brings back my youthful memories of my days behind the fragrance counter at Saks Fifth Avenue/NY. Cologne is fine, just don’t over do it (see above). Tip: Spray the cologne in front of you and walk through it. Should be enough. Personally, I like the old hippy Nag Champa or Patchouli oils, myself.

Nag Champa Oils –, an earthy choice for fragrance.

I think beauty is all about being respectfully and completely comfortable in your own skin, wherever and whoever you are.

Thank you, Dev! Be sure to share these manly tips with the men in your life!

Today Beauty BusManly Mondays welcomesMichael Peters, Regional Business Consultant for Bumble and Bumble, dad of two, Little League Coach and all around awesome guy. We’,re thrilled to have him on the Beauty Bus Blog today! Without further ado, let’,s get to know Michael and his Manly Beauty thoughts.

Bumble and bumble’,s Grooming Creme. It gives the right amount of weight with a satin finish, memory and provides a more lived in look. I also love DrySpun Finish. It’,s instant gratification for fullness and body.

Use the new Full Potential System from Bumble and bumble to keep your strands fuller, stronger and stay with you longer.

Hair today, not gone tomorrow. (We love a good hair pun and so does Bumble.)

What is your out the door routine? Favorite products? Hair or otherwise?

Lately I have been using Tonic Lotion and Don’,t Blow It. The tonic has an old school barber shop feel (peppermint and tea tree) and is a great way to re-style existing looks and is a great primer. Don’,t Blow It is perfect for the minimalist on the go. It gives body, fights frizz and has no product feel at all while somehow achieving that effortless look.

Smells like peppermint and tea tree oil. Sigh.

Yes. I wear Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford.

Finding your own style and owning it. Beauty to me is confidence and not playing it safe.

Makeup and beauty at home

Thank you, Michael! I hope you found today’,s Manly Monday inspiring. Stay tuned, more manliness coming your way soon!

Stacey Ellis, is a successful owner of her own salon, Ellis Salon. With 18 years of experience as a hairstylist and makeup artist, she has provided her skills as a Beauty Professional at the foundation and has helped made our clients feel as special as they are.

Q: How did you hear about Beauty Bus Foundation?

A: I saw Beauty Bus on the show, Secret Millionaire and my salon owner at that time had been to an event and told us about it in a staff meeting. I was hooked!

Q: How long have you been with the foundation?

A: About 4 years. I offer hair and makeup services.

Q: What inspired you to volunteer?

A: Like too many people, I lost a dear friend to cancer at 21 years of age in which I understand the importance of giving that loved one a little day to day normality. Feeling beautiful on the outside may only be a temporary relief from how they are feeling inside, but it’,s a relief and a distraction at the same time. Over the years, I have also helped clients of my own going through treatments with home haircuts and other services so I felt I would be able to help at Beauty Bus.

Q: Why did you decide to pursue cosmetology?

A: I was interested in hair, makeup and fashion as a teenager so my parents encouraged me to pursue something creative. I left high school and went straight to hair school, and then makeup school at the age of 17.

Q: What was your first In-Home Visit or Pop-Up Salon like?

A: There have been so many, that I can’,t really remember the first ever visit, it’,s all a blur of smiling faces. I tend to go in happy and up beat and everyone seems so happy to see the Beauty Bus team. They are always so grateful and you can see that it’,s a great distraction for them, we always have a wonderful time!

Q: Is there something you walk away with from these visits and Pop-ups?

A: It’,s just like when I do someone’,s hair or makeup in the salon and see how pleased they are, it’,s just as rewarding to see that on the In-Home Visits or Pop-ups, also.

Q: Has volunteering for Beauty Bus Foundation changed your perspective on beauty?

A: No, not really. I treat everyone the same when it comes to what I do. I see past [the] illness and wheel chairs and look straight to the people which is why I do this. All I need to see is that smile from ear to ear at the end and I know my job is done.

Our friends at Bosley Professional Strength are sponsoring our City of Hope Pop-Up Salon on Aug. 18. To learn more about what we can all do for thinning hair, we went to the expert, Michelle Blaisure, BosleyProfessional Strength’,s Director of Education.

Shampoo with a product specifically designed for thinning hair.

Use volumizing products that are weight free, provide thickness and fullness to the hair.

Apply a leave-in treatment to keep quality and health of the scalp.

Utilize a hair fiber to camouflage the thin areas on the crown or top of the head.

Lastly, maintain with intensive strengthening conditioner at least once a week.

Michelle is affiliated with the hair care organization known to be “the world’s most experienced hair restoration expert” since 2009. As the director of education at Bosley Professional Strength, it is her role to write the curriculum and presentations for the products, as well as training new employees at the foundation. Before BosleyPro, she earned her license as a hair stylist at just eighteen years of age. As a certified Trichologist, biology of hair and scalp is her passion and she has benefited us with five tips for thinning hair.

Q: What do you thrive upon most working at BosleyPro?

A: It is my passion for the hair loss category and we offer the flexibility to share information about hair loss and work with distributors worldwide.

Q: What interested you in getting involved with Beauty Bus Foundation?

A: My mother had breast cancer and I know what a devastating illness or disease it is to experience. As a hair stylist, I know how important it is to go through this and I think the Beauty Bus Foundation is a great opportunity to have the experience of feeling good, as well for the caregiver while they are going through these difficult times.

Martha Carrillo is one of our beloved beauty buddies and she finds volunteering with the foundation rewarding. Here she is with her dog, Coco.

Q: How did you get involved with Beauty Bus?

A: I was looking for volunteer opportunities online, and I found Beauty Bus. I am in the beauty industry as well where I do book keeping for a company that sells beauty products and this just worked out for me.

Q: What inspired you to generally volunteer?

A: I was looking for something to do with my free time and this became really rewarding. I am really busy but it’s a good experience and is very rewarding.

A: I do office work, events and home visits.

Q: What was your first visit like?

A: My first visit was the hardest of all because it was in hospice care. The client’s caregiver told us she only had a couple of weeks left and the client was in a state of denial, depression and couldn’t talk. It was very hard, but it was a significant experience. After that visit, the clients were happy and talkative.

Q: What do you like most about volunteering with BBF?

A: It’s the experience and the feeling of giving back. and beauty

Q: How has volunteering with BBF affected your life?

A: Sometimes I change my plans and do things to go and help when I get an email from BBF. When I see someone whom is ill, I see them differently. They are still full of life.

Q: Has BBF changed your perspective on beauty?

A: The industry all about perfection and now I see the human side and its deeper side where it’s about making someone feel good about themselves. With BBF you see a true effect on the person. It doesn’t feel like a job, but I can see a better side of my job.

Beauty Bus joined hands with No Worries Now Prom event held on June 12, 2014. No Worries Now Prom is an annual charity prom held for teens living with chronic and terminal illnesses and the nonprofit organizes it to be a special night for them to remember. BBF worked their magic on these lovely teens and provided pop-up salons for people to get ready with hair and make-up services done by our Beauty Professionals. For this event, social media intern, Julie was able to conduct quick interviews of our amazing Beauty Professionals and Beauty Buddies to show the magic behind the scenes.

Dianna, Beauty Bus Professional

J: Is this the first time you had volunteered at a No Worries Now Prom event?

Being a caregiver is a big emotional roller coaster. Finding respite services for family caregivers can be challenging, when much of a caregiver’,s time is focused on caring for their loved one. The relief a caregiver receives from respite services is of great importance. The story below comes from our client, Jennifer*, who reflects on caregiver relief services and their impact on her well being.

Before my mom got sick, I was a dental assistant, married and a stay at home mom. I volunteered at my kids’ school as a teacher’s assistant. As time passed, and even though I had divorced and the kids were all grown up, I was still very social and loved to work. When mom started getting sick, my siblings decided that I was the best choice to care for her, they said I had the most time. Everyone started to really count on me, and I had to put my life on hold. I had plans to go back to school to be a teacher, but once my mom got sick I didn’t have the energy. If it wasn’t me, who else would take care of my mom?

As you’,ll read below, Jennifer’,s role as a caregiver began to alter her ability to engage in the same type of lifestyle she had before caring for her mother. At this crucial moment, respite care relief becomes necessary for family caregivers. The importance of respite for caregivers may not be as apparent or even seem like a need to be filled.

I resented my role for a long time – I remember specifically not being able to join my family on group camping trips or if I want to go out for dinner, I needed to do it after my mom had gone to bed. And our relationship changed, too. My mom has always been a very private person, a dignified woman. She never allowed us to see her undone – she always went to another room to change. When she began to get progressively more ill, she needed to be bathed and taken to the bathroom. It was embarrassing for both of us. That was hardest part and I wished I didn’t have to do it. Sometimes I’d get mad at my situation, but I had to really control myself. I wanted to leave so many times.

Being a family caregiver can get overwhelming quickly, especially if taking care of an ailing parent. Respite services for caregivers can be overlook –, it’,s not the caregiver that is ill, so how can relief services hold so much importance?

As the main caregiver for my mom, I am so grateful when someone is able to take the responsibility off of me. It is so nice to have a Beauty Bus visit and give mom a haircut. It’s not easy to take my mom anywhere because the wheel chair is very heavy and any hot weather is bad for her. Having the professionals and buddies come to the home is so great for us – my mom loves the services! She still wants to feel like a woman – I still dye her hair – and maintain her vanity. That extra touch makes her feel good, not to mention me! Getting my hair done brought me such happiness, I hadn’t had my hair cut it in a year! Looking forward to that made me and my mom feel normal again.

Family caregivers are providing such a special gift and need respite care and relief from the self-sacrificing role they’,ve taken on. Caregiver relief services are integral to being an able and loving care provider.

And although it’s been hard, caring for my mother has brought us closer. I have been able to manage, and have realized it’s a blessing to take care of my parent. Her illness has brought our family closer together – everyone comes to house because mom does not want to go out in her wheelchair. We are taking it one day at a time, making each day a good day.

Assist us in continuing to provide respite care services to our clients and their caregivers. Donate today to the Bringing Beauty Home Fund and make an important difference for clients like Jennifer

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