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I am back again with another version of L.A. Colors on the Cover Beauty Kit with purple case. However, 50% products are similar to the previous kit except the 12-piece eye shadow kit, the nail paint, one of the blush shades in duo blush case and the neutral shade lipstick (the previous kit had a bright fuchsia shade). I bought it at the same price as that of my previous pink case. So, let’s talk whether this one is better than the previous kit. Beauty makeup kits.

$5-$10 for 20-piece make up kit including 12 color eye shadow palette, 1 eyeliner pencil, 1 black mascara, 1 blush duo powder, 1 lipstick, 1 nail polish, 1 eye shadow applicator, 1 blush brush and 1 pencil sharpener (weight and ingredients of pieces are mentioned in packaging pictures).

These 20 pieces are assorted and well assembled inside a sturdy and classy card board packaging, but with purple packaging unlike pink. It also looks equally classy and attractive for the price. Personally, I love the outer pink packaging though the contents of this particular kit are more wearable and universal unlike the earlier one.

My Experience with L. A. Colors On The Cover Beauty Makeup Kit:

When I bought this kit, I was fascinated with its beautiful cobalt nail paint and beige lip color though I totally forgot to notice that the mascara and eyeliner are similar to the ones in the first make up kit. Never mind, mascara and liner are still useable and decent at such price, aren’,t they? Moreover, it will certainly put an end to rubbish comparisons (since they are going out as gifts to relatives) which usually happens between relatives since all the products are similar, so no issues

Starting with similar items first: The Mascara, blush brush, pencil sharpener and the pencil eye liner, I see no difference in quality and/or pigmentation of these. They look exactly the same –, texture and quality wise. All seem quite decent and user friendly for the price.

The 12-piece eye shadow seems quite decent and pretty wearable too. However, it is also lacking smoky and neutral shades but rest rainbow shades are quite wearable and can be put to use unlike previous shades I feel. It consists of ice pink and majority of every possible blue and purple shades which will pair well with every Indian/festive outfit apart from the beautiful bronze and black shades included in this kit. They do have gradient shades as well, which would add glam factor to your looks. The quality is really impressive and they do not feel chalky at all. Wear time is quite decent, 3-4 hours over primer on oily skin. The eye shadow brush is also decent. I feel the purple kit is equipped with beautiful blue-purple shades.

Talking about the duo blush, I noticed that one of the two shades is repeated and exactly peachy neutral like that included in pink set while the second shade is a really gorgeous rosy pink brown shade. This rosy pink shade absolutely complements my pale skin and I am sure it will be so apt for pale/light/fair and medium skin tones this winter. The texture is powdery yet soft and wearable with 4-5 hours of wear time on my oily skin. I wish they have repeated plum instead of peachy n*de shade in this kit to make it a perfect winter kit for every skin type. Totally in love with this blush as well.

Coming to the blue nail paint, which is a bright cobalt, looks gorgeous. The quality and consistency is exactly that of the pink nail paint, but I feel this cobalt is much more gorgeous. If you ask me which one is my favorite, then I would pick this blue kit, just for this blue nail paint!

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To my surprise, I actually like this brown lip color which gives perfect pinkish beige color payoff on the lips. It will certainly complement a variety of skin tones, particularly porcelain/fair beauties I believe. This kit deserves extra love for this lip color. It gives a glossy balmy sheen with wearable pink beige pigmentation with 3-4 hours of wear time. I think it make a perfect kit for winters.

Overall, I feel both the sets are wonderful and unique. It is really hard to decide which one is better, but since I am not into fuchsia colors as of now, I personally would pick the purple kit first. However, I know the pink set is more appealing for young gals. I think gals who are more into neutrals and colorful eye makeup will love this blue set while the gals who love plum theme will go with previous pink kit. I highly recommend this kit for better choice of eye shadows and rosy brown blush.

Pros of L. A. Colors On The Cover Beauty Makeup Kit:

An excellent choice of assorted 20-piece versatile makeup products in one single package.

Quality of 12-piece eyeshadow and duo blush is exactly similar to that of the pink kit which is good and pretty decent at this price.

The theme of eyeshadow palette seems to be blue, hence apt for every eye makeup enthusiast and beginners.

Staying power of the blushes and eyeshadows is decent.

Texture of the eye shadows is really powdery with no fall outs, not chalky.

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The duo blush comes with new rosy brown pink shade which is gorgeous and a versatile shade apart from the peachy neutral shade.

The pencil sharpener is decent.

Nail paint in cobalt is a nice shade with an amazing staying power of 5-6 days without chipping or peeling a bit.

The brown lip color actually gives gorgeous pink beige glossy balmy finish on lips with 2-3 hours of wear time and it is way better than other lip colors included in pink kit.

Quite a steal at 5-7 bucks with a variety of dream list products.

Cons of L. A. Colors On The Cover Beauty Makeup Kit:

I do see parabens, petrolatum, etc., in the ingredients list.

Choice of shade in eye shadow palette is not suitable for gals who love neutral eye makeup.

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Blush brush is similar to that included in the pink set.

Do not need frequent touch ups with this makeup kit.

Well, as I already confessed, it’s too much to expect from a 5-buck kit. It gives a great choice of blush, eyeshadows and nail paint along with decent choices of rest items, what else does a makeup enthusiast need in life, (forget about the formulation if possible)?

I bought 10 more kits as told since it has my favorite choice of colors. For me this kit also deserves 4.2/5

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