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It’,s official, contouring is no longer a trend, and it’,s almost become integral to the makeup application process. Meanwhile, “baking” is at its heels. No, the baking technique doesn’t require any cooking utensils, the only tools you need to “cook” your face are a concealer and patience. To “bake your makeup” means to let your concealer sit on your face for 10 to 20 minutes before blending it, so that your own body heat enables the makeup to melt into your skin and cause it to change color and texture. This allows for the concealer to be blended more easily for a flawless coverage. This technique is used for highlighting and to ensure that your concealer doesn’t move out of place, as well as help it remain crease-free throughout the day. Beauty makeup tutorials.

To bake your makeup, follow these five steps:

1. Apply the primer and foundation and contour as usual.

2. Next, apply your under-eye concealer in a sideways triangular shape while staying in the cheekbone area. Creamy concealers, such as the Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing (US $20, AED/SAR 73) work best. Those looking for a subtle highlight can use loose powder as an alternative to concealer.

Beautiful makeup tutorial

3. Now, resist the urge to blend your concealer for at least 10 to 20 minutes. Use the time to line your lips, style your hair, or fill in your brows.

4. After your concealer finishes baking—or cooking, use a beauty blender or a sponge to blend it.

5. Set your makeup with loose powder or a setting spray.

Beauty mantra makeup tutorial

For a visual how-to, watch Huda Kattan’s detailed baking tutorial below.

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