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Skills and Personal Qualities

Excellent Social Skills. Make-up artists often work on individuals that are nervous (wedding day, live TV performance, catwalk) and therefore she/he has to be calm, friendly, conversational and open. Beauty makeup artist.

Lots of Energy. You can spend a lot of time on your feet, and outside of the more traditional working hours of a beauty salon be working long, irregular hours.

Highly Artistic and Creative. Make-up artists need to be creative, imaginative, resourceful and have a keen sense of colour and eye for symmetry.

Steady Hand. This is especially the case when a make-up artist is working on minute detail or sensitive areas like the eyes

Work Well under Pressure. Make-up artists often work in pressurised, manic environments and against a strict timetable. It',s essential therefore they work well under pressure

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Up to-date Knowledge. It',s important that they have up to-date knowledge of fashion trends and latest colours and products

Potential Salary and Benefits

Make-up artists can be very well paid and this is testimony to the importance of the work that they do in the highly visual world of fashion and theatre.

The following are guidelines only,

A new make-up artist can earn around £,15,000 a year

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Make-up artists with more experience can earn over £,25,000 a year

A chief make-up artist can earn over £,45,000 a yea

Opportunities and Progression

Make-up artists can enjoy fascinating careers. Many start as make-up consultants in a department store or in a beauty salon where it',s more about selling products, giving advice and making members of the general public look and feel good about themselves for a special occasion.

However, there are also very interesting careers open to make-up artists on fashion shoots, working with photographers, TV productions, film sets and theatre.

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Sometimes film companies and fashion houses will hire make-up artists. You can join as an assistant and work your way up through the ranks. Most make-up artists however work freelance and therefore reputation and the strength of their portfolio is all important.

The other career avenue that make-up artists can take is to venture into training and consultancy to a cosmetics firm.

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