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By Danielle Fontana, Editorial Assistant | Beauty makeup artist.

Makeup (and skin care) rules are everywhere and often live in the back of our minds whenever we’re applying our daily share of makeup. Should we pair a smoky eye with a bold lip color? What about applying mascara to our lower lashes? Well, according to some of the top makeup artists, we should start ignoring all the rules and doing what makes us feel our best. Here are some of their favorite makeup stereotypes to reject—because rules are made to be broken after all, right?

Apply your face makeup first.

Lilit Caradanian, professional makeup artist and founder of Elcie Cosmetics, says that in beauty school, you're typically taught to start with your face makeup and then do your eyes. "I personally like to break this rule and do eyes first and then face. I feel this is the cleanest way to achieve flawless skin because you are able to remove excess fall out from under the eyes without ruining the face makeup."

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After applying powder, never follow with a liquid formula.

"We're also usually taught that once you powder your face, you should not go back with any liquids or creams," says Caradanian, adding that she often goes back in with liquid formulas to touch up the look. "I like to apply a little bit of additional foundation, even after using setting powder, on those who have severe acne or more visible imperfections. This provides skin with a higher level of coverage for those who need it, but it has to be done carefully, so it doesn't leave an uneven finish."

Draw attention to one feature, anything more is overboard.

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"Every beauty magazine tells us to pick a focus feature," explains Tanno, saying that this usually means you should never do a bold lip and smoky eye, for example. "Depending on the occasion, I think it's stunning to focus on both as long as you do it tastefully and aren't heavy-handed so it looks more finished. Especially when using monochromatic colors."

Quinn likes to use non-powder based products to set makeup, which work just as well. His pick is the Giorgio Armani Prima Day Long Skin Perfector that works to control shine without the powdery look. "Instead of powdering, apply one pump in your palm and press onto your T-zone."

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