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I usually do not go for these mega kits as I find they go to waste and are fairly bulky so I reach for other products. However, Quo’,s Beauty Envy Kit caught my eye at the cosmetics counter at Shoppers Drug Mart. These Christmas sets were on clearance for $24 (they were around $60 when they were released) so I had to have one, if nothing else they have the great gel-cream eyeliners and I was stuck looking for blue shadows for wink day last year. Plus the whole Rose Quartz and Serenity colour of the year thing means I need a little more blue in my life. Beauty makeup set.

This is what you are hunting for if you want to try and snag a Beauty Envy kit on clearance. They come in a pink and gold box and are fairly big. Each Beauty Envy set includes

52 eyeshadows (a row each of blues, pinks, purples and browns)

9 applicators for lips, blush and eyeshadows

Beauty kit makeup forever

Quo Beauty Envy Kit

Definitely some shades in there that can be used for Pantone colour of the year looks with both Rose Quartz and Serenity shades.

The blushes work well for my pale skin, but you may have a hard time on darker skin tones as they are very light.

The shadows are a nice mix of mattes and shimmers. I certainly have some that are more pigmented, but the colours show well with little fallout and I will probably get $24 worth of use out of the set but I personally would not pay $60 for it with the collection I have. If you are just getting into makeup though, it has everything you need for multiple looks.

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Quo is exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart but as mentioned, this is a clearance deal and you may not find it at your local store.

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