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You have heard me talk often about warmer weather and my love for it! It is a great time to try out some fun prints, or different fabrics. I love lace so when I saw this Hydrangea skirt, I fell in love. It is happy and amazing, just like summer Beauty makeup blog.

I have always loved shopping at Downeast so I am really excited to be bringing you a couple looks featuring this beautiful skirt from their new Special Occasions collection. I just love the intricate details of the skirt! I also love the length. Since I am nursing my baby, I wanted to bring you a couple options that were also nursing friendly!

For the first one, I chose to pair it with the City Center top for this more dressy look. The waistline is so flattering with a top tucked in, and the way the lace extends on the end makes it look so elegant! I am also loving the soft color on the top!

For the second, more casual look, I paired the Hydrangea skir t with the Garden Romp top. Tying it in front gives it a little more personality, as well as helping to create a more flattering shape. I will be wearing this top a lot this summer! Also, it is on sale whoop whoop!

Hope you are off to a great start this summer! Thanks for reading XO

Thank you to Downeast for sponsoring this post

As this belly grows bigger and bigger, it’s getting hard to find shirts that are long enough. This top is actually a dress technically, but I’m loving wearing it as a top with leggings. These leggings have been my best friend these last few months. I dare you try and take them from me! It’s not happening

I have been so grateful that it has been warming up lately. Considering it hailed most of the day today, though, I’d say the weather is still feeling a bit moody. I try and keep a jacket with me for those swings that sneak up on you. This jacket is fun and a little edgy!

For my makeup I decided to keep everything pretty neutral except my lip color. I like to add a little pop sometimes! I’m wearing Desert Sunset blush, IIID foundation, honey illuminator, eyeshadows sabrina, mama, oak, and trust all from HERE

Hope you are doing well! Have a beautiful week and be kind XO

It is hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! We have a lot of holidays in February so we actually moved our Valentine’s to August. I still want to bring you a look perfect for the occasion, however! We will be celebrating our Anniversary that week, so whatever your occasion, I have the perfect date night dress for you.

This dress is not maternity, but it does have some stretch to it. The material is thick, so I feel like it’s easier to wear than some other form fitting dresses I have tried. I just can’t get comfortable in those slinky ones knowing that all my lumps and bumps are on display haha! I think the high neckline, knee length, and long sleeves in combo with the thicker fabric make this super comfortable! The side panels are made of a stretchy sheer material, just FYI. I didn’t realize that when I ordered the dress. I just wore a black slip under it, though, and it filled in well. Now I think the sheer panels give it a little more stretching power for my steadily growing belly haha

My favorite part, of course, is the lace on the bottom. It adds such a feminine touch. I paired it with these red bow heels that are definitely making a statement! They are still in stock in smaller sizes. If they don’t have your size, check out these . I’m crushing hard on them and I think they would look amazing with this dress!

Beauty makeup bloggers Beauty makeup blog names Beauty makeup blog uk Beauty makeup blog india Beauty blog makeup reviews Beauty blog makeup tutorials Makeup beauty blog karen Makeup beauty blog ireland Beauty blogger makeup storage Beauty blog makeup bru

Have you started making plans? I’d love to hear any fun date ideas you have! XO

I have been using and loving Maskcara Beauty products for about the last year. I have been wanting to bring you a tutorial with it, so I’m excited to finally share it with you!

The reason I love it so much is because of the colors and consistency. The IIID foundation applies so smoothly, and the colors are my favorite. I love the idea behind it that your foundation should work with the natural shadows of your face, rather than matting everything out, and then you have to try to add dimension back in.

I begin with the highlight shade, but I know others that like to start with the contour, so it’s up to you. I am using Aura for my main highlight, and Stone for my contour. I use a little bit of Sunlit highlight as well. The highlight is applied under the eyes, top of nose, lower forehead, top of the cheekbone, chin, and upper lip. The contour is applied under the cheekbone, on the sides of the nose, on the top of the forehead, and under the chin/jaw. I used the 30 second HAC brush. I love the creamy blush from Maskcara and I am using Baby Watermelon in this video. I use it on my cheeks as well as my lips! The Honey illuminator adds just a bit of light to the top of the cheek bones and nose.

Maskcara also has some great eyeshadow shades! I have been playing around with them and will be showing you more looks using them in the future. For this one I used Sabrina, Stardust, Finn, and Cole. To apply the shadow I used the eye shadow everything brush.

Let me know if you have any questions about these products. I’m happy to help you get color matched and find your perfect palette! You can aslo email me to ask questions I love them and I hope you try them! XO

Happy New Year! Wow, that came fast! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all the joy in the world this coming year. I love the motivation and excitement that surrounds this time. I wish I could find a way to bottle it up and have it all year long! Instead, I usually get back into the routine of things and realize it is still winter, but there aren’t any thrilling plans to help me forget how cold it is haha. So, today I thought I would share my winter survival outfit!

We have way more snow than usual right now, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, I was just told we may wake up to 8-10 more inches! I like to be warm, dry, and cozy so traipsing around in feet of snow isn’t really my thing. I put together this outfit to at least take warm and cozy around with me! This top is one of my new favorites because the built in choker makes it unique, and the long sleeves, length, and fit make it so comfy. Plus, it is only $13 so you can’t beat that!

I paired it with my Blanqi leggings because I wear them almost every day and I can’t convince myself to stop haha. They are the best leggings I have ever owned! My striped bag is from Seaport Stitches . I don’t leave home without it! Mainly because it carries all my snacks and it looks good doing it.

I threw on some boots to keep the snow out and of course a big chunky sweater. They help to break up my head to toe black spandex thing I usually rock around the house, and instead make me look more acceptable in public. Or so I like to think!

Hope you are enjoying the winter, and if not, hope you can put together a winter survival outfit to help you make it through! Thank you for a great year and all the support XO

Christmas always comes and goes so quickly! It is a bit of a whirlwind. This year it was a chill whirlwind haha if there is such a thing. We just enjoyed each other’s company and played games. It was lovely! I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!

Beauty makeup bloggers Beauty makeup blog names Beauty makeup blog uk Beauty makeup blog india Beauty blog makeup reviews Beauty blog makeup tutorials Makeup beauty blog karen Makeup beauty blog ireland Beauty blogger makeup storage Beauty blog makeup bru

We were blessed with a fairly warm fall this year compared to past years. This winter has had some beautiful days as well, even though right now it’s a bit on the snowy side. If you happen to live somewhere where all you need is a light jacket , I envy you a bit! This jacket still works for us snow people too, though. It’s light enough to still be able to wear a coat over outside, and classy enough to hit a nice dinner for date night!

I chose to pair it with a simple black dress, but I have also worn it with some skinnies and boots. It is so versatile and the little step detail in the front adds some structure and interest to any look.

As always, I’d love to see your styles, so tag me on Instagram and show me! Hope you have a lovely week eating those leftovers and recovering from the excitement XO

We finally hit the halfway mark in this pregnancy and I’m a little shocked at how fast it is going! Finding out the gender is definitely one of my favorite parts. Not just because of the gender, but also because the ultrasound is so special to see. I love seeing how everything is forming, down to the chambers in the heart. Listening to that sweet little heart beat while it pumps away is the most comforting thing. I crave that, as I have mourned the absence of it with many of my close friends and family. My heart always goes out to them.

Thankfully everything is looking great so far, and I couldn’t love this sweet babe any more! M and V have been casting their votes on gender for months, and it has been pretty split. That’s how Brian and I have felt also. We will take what we get and be so happy about it! So far all three of my pregnancies have been very different from each other so it’s hard to predict based on that. Doesn’t stop us from speculating though

Ok, enough lollygagging! Come end of April we are so excited to welcome a baby….

We decided for this reveal to just fully embrace the PINK! Even Brian haha! He grew up the only boy with four sisters so he is destined to be surrounded by girls forever. He is an amazing dad and the girls already battle for his lap space and attention, so I’m not sure how he will fit another one in there. I have faith he will figure it out Just look how he juggles everything now!

P.S. He’s such a good sport for letting me dye his hair pink haha what a guy!

My talented friend Corrie Butler took these for us and she made it so fun! She just let us be our goofy selves and captured our chaos perfectly. She is wonderful!

We are so excited, and feel very blessed to have another sweet girl joining our family. I also feel so blessed to have your love and support! I have been humbled by your kind words. I’m just feeling grateful these days! Thank you for everything. XO

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m bringing a lot more red into my wardrobe this holiday season. It’s such a festive color and I match my poinsettias haha

This top is not maternity, but I love how flowy it is. It is great for any body type! The best part is definitely the sleeves. I love how they flare! My daughter likes to borrow it and practice her twirls

Beauty makeup bloggers Beauty makeup blog names Beauty makeup blog uk Beauty makeup blog india Beauty blog makeup reviews Beauty blog makeup tutorials Makeup beauty blog karen Makeup beauty blog ireland Beauty blogger makeup storage Beauty blog makeup bru

This top is not only comfy and cute, but it also comes in black and it’s on major sale! The back has a cute tie that adds a nice feminine touch.

We finally got our first real snow today so we are inside with the fire on and sipping hot cocoa. I secretly hoped it would stay fall all the way through winter, but the forecast seems to have different ideas! Maybe I’ll give in and make a snowman of the days haha XO

Haha I didn’t know what to title this one. All that kept coming to my head were songs about red dresses Ha so we will just go with it!

On that note, this red dress is the best ever! It is thick enough to wear without layering, the color is perfect, and the material moves so well. Also, it is like wearing a giant blanket! I love having something that is so easy to throw on, comfortable, and looks good.

I often wear this dress on its own, but here I paired it with a jacket. One of my favorite parts of it is the asymmetrical hemline. I love how it is longer on the sides. I wear it with boots a lot, and I also love how it looks with heels!

In celebration of cyber Monday, SheIn is offering a free gift for every purchase made tomorrow. I have loved everything I’ve ordered! Make sure you double check sizing.

I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving with the people you love most! XO

I thought I would just fill you in on how the first trimester went, since I kept the pregnancy a secret through it. I know everyone has unique experiences, and I always love hearing about them! For me personally, the first trimester is always a bit rough. This time was not as bad as my first, but tougher than my second. I had a hard time keeping food down, and it was almost impossible to find foods that sounded appealing. I was super tired, and very emotional haha. Basically, a dream to be around! My poor family I couldn’t make it through the day without at least a little nap. That part hasn’t gone away, but I’m feeling much better now! My favorite part of the first trimester is the excitement of finding out, and having your first ultrasound. It’s such a miracle! I am now feeling the babe kick, definitely showing, and I can finally eat again. We will find out the gender in a few weeks. I can’t wait!

I’d love to hear your pregnancy experiences, and any recommendations you might have for maternity clothes! Thanks for all your love and support so far XO

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