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Last Friday at the local library’,s book sale, Miss K found a book about makeup. It’,s pretty detailed, explaining the different types and styles of brushes and their various functions. It talks about different types of makeup and application techniques. It appears to be a pretty informative book. Except for one thing…, it doesn’,t really say what age it applies to. Beauty and makeup tips and tricks.

Fine, I realize it doesn’,t need to say how old she should be to apply makeup, but Miss K is only in 6th grade for Pete’,s sake. Can’,t she stay young just a little longer? Sixth grade is difficult, I get that. So I let her apply makeup for special occasions like holidays, orchestra performances and professional photos. Unfortunately, a classmate came over recently and insisted on giving Miss K some lessons in makeup application so she can wear it to school every day. Maybe it’,s time for me to sit down with Miss K and have a discussion on makeup timing, application and proper beauty care.

I recently sat in on a webinar with Lilliana Vazquez as she shared some “,Tiny Tweaks”, and makeup tips and that might be a good video watch with Miss K because it’,s DIY and utilizes more than just makeup!

I encourage you to watch the video for the following useful information:

Tip #1: DIY Pimple Mimizer

Using aspirin, water and a cotton swab, you can create your own pimple minimizer instead of paying lofty prices at the drugstore. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory so it is used on pimples to reduce redness and swelling. Add a little water to an uncoated aspirin, mash it up then apply it to blemishes. You can also add it to your face wash because it controls oil and exfoliates.

Tip #2: Multi-Purpose Moisturizer

An up-and-coming moisturizer used all over in Japan is Camellia oil. It has a long shelf life so you don’,t have to worry about it expiring. Instead of multiple products to use on different parts of your body, Camelia oil is great for hair, face, body and even nails.

Beauty and makeup tips in urdu

Tip #3: Philips Sonicare PowerUp Power Toothbrush

I’,ve said quite often how much I love Philips Sonicare products, yet I understand that sometimes it doesn’,t work into the budget. The Philips Sonicare PowerUp Power Toothbrush is an excellent, affordable alternative.

Tip #4: Cat-Eye Eyeliner Brush

Skip the expensive “,tools, lotions and potions”, and head straight to the art store! She said that makeup brushes can be pricey, but there’,s a trick to go around that. Lilliana recommends purchasing art brushes because they have thin bristles making application easier. In addition, they are high quality and more affordable than brushes made for the beauty industry. Wonder how often you should clean your makeup art brushes? Weekly, Lilliana says. She recommended using a combination of antibacterial soap and Johnson’,s baby wash.

Tip #5: DIY Long-Wear Eyeliner

You can get long-lasting eyeliner without shelling out for expensive brands. Take drugstore gel or powder eye liner, add a few drops of Visine directly to your eyeliner brush then dip it in the drugstore eye liner as normal. It goes on easier, more smoothly and lasts up to 12 hours.

Tip #6: Ombre Lipstick

Lilliana says Ombre lipstick is her favorite explaining that you achieve the look by using a small fluffy eye shadow brush instead of a thin lip-liner brush. It gives your lip color a feathered look and makes it easier to apply multiple colors. One of her best tips has to do with selecting a lip color. You may love a color at the store then get home and not like it. Why? Because what you loved may have been the combination of the color you loved and traces of the prior colors you tested. She said the best way to combat this color layering issue is to cover your lips with concealer between applications of color tests.

Tip #7: DIY Wave Spray

You don’,t need to buy a product that promises that day-at-the beach look when you can easily make your own. To create a surf look, lightly whisk 1 cup hot water, 1 tsp seas salt, 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil, 2 drops hair gel and a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a bowl. Transfer it into a small spray bottle then mist it onto your hair from the midshaft to the end. Avoid spraying it on the roots and top of your head. It’,s as easy as that!

Beauty and makeup tips and advice

Tip #8 Wave-Making Headband

Create loose, natural waves with one simple tool: a headband! Place it around your head, making sure to leave the hair under the band. Take inch and a half sections over and under the band, starting at your ears and working toward the middle. Sleep in the headband then wake up to lovely locks of waviness!

Tip #9: Shiny Jewelry

Statement jewelry tends to lose its luster. Simply clean it as normal, then hit it with a blast of high heat with your hair dryer! Place them on a towel until they are completely dry and you’,ll be surprised by the look you achieve from this simple trick.

Tip #10: Instagram Workout

If you’,re looking for ideas for workouts, use your favorite fitness influencers on Instagram for inspiration. As they share their workouts on Instagram, take a screenshot of the routine then add it to a fitness folder on your phone. The next time you’,re looking to change things up, scroll through the album and try something you think would make a good addition to your workout routine.

She offers a variety of other tips throughout the video but these are the highlights. Bookmark the video and watch it when you have a need for one of these tips. Beauty doesn’,t have to be expensive if you just DIY! Now I need to figure out how to keep my 6th grader from growing up.

What is your favorite DIY beauty trick?

Beauty tips and makeup tricks

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