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If you have to go bare faced day to day, due to being restricted from wearing makeup at work or school, you can still bend the rules …, at least a little. Beauty tips and makeup tips.

Here are some makeup tips to achieve an easy, natural look.

Creamy, Natural Skin Secrets

Stay away from dry and powdery makeup because it can look cakey. BB creams will give you a dewy finish and help camouflage redness and enlarged pores. For a creamy natural-looking complexion, you can also mix foundation with a daily moisturizer and blend it into your face. Imperfections won’t completely disappear, but you’ll be left with a radiant glow that looks anything but phony.

Barely-There Eye Enhancers

Because shadows and liners are a dead giveaway, these lash tricks are something every beauty sleuth ought to know. If you want darker lashes, apply a light coat of brown mascara after using a curler. This helps to open up and spread the lashes. To add depth and shine to a bare eye, dab a small amount of Vaseline onto clean lashes—it will also moisturise the follicles and promote growth.

Beauty makeup tips tricks

The Subtlest Brow Tamers

Well-groomed brows are the first step toward a great face. Forget the precarious pencil—brow gels are great to achieve this look. The mascara-like formula tints the brow hairs rather than the skin, and even helps keep strays in place. An old tube of clear mascara is a good solution for taming brows, too.

The No-Blush Cheek Flush

Stay away from red and pink blushes and stick to a brush-on bronzer for an instant authentic glow. For the most natural look use a no-fuss pressed powder formula that’s a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. Hoping for something rosier? Try a sheer, balmy cream blush for a controllable, dewy flush. It leaves your skin with that fresh-from-the-gym wash of colour.

The Sheerest Long-Lasting Lip

When pretending to go au natural on the face, the last thing you want is for lipstick to give you away. The secret to a fabulous natural-looking pout is a stain with a light tint. So save your mattes, shimmers, and semi glosses for another day! A stain will last for hours, and if you really want an understated shine that no one will question, top it with lip balm. To even and define the mouth, find a lip liner that matches your natural lip colour.

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