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Three-minute makeup challenge videos have been going around YouTube for the longest time, and while most beauty vloggers scream and panic in them, we all know they usually end up fine, beautiful, in fact. Beauty tips makeup.

Get dewy skin like Yoona in seconds with these tips! Image: Innisfree

So we’ve rounded up the common tips and tricks used by K-Beauty gurus and stars to help you shorten the time it takes to do your makeup in the morning.

The BB Cushion makes its appearance yet again. Don’t be quick to dismiss this almost overly featured beauty tool, it’s a real time-saver on sluggish mornings. You won’t be wasting time blending out brush lines or picking up bristles that have stuck to your face. Just pat and go!

Pick up the Innisfree Water Glow Cushion for a luminous glow, or the Long Wear Cushion if you need more oil control.

Alternatively, if you prefer a matte finish, use a sponge and opt for a powder foundation like K-Beauty guru Pony. You can also apply everything with your fingers – works better sometimes!


If you’re really pressed for time, follow this beauty tip from Korean Beauty programme Get it Beauty by mixing your moisturiser, sunscreen, foundation and an illuminating base or highlighter together. Mix and apply them all at once – super quick!


Beauty tips waterproof makeup

Yes, there are lots of brow products in the market now - wax, powder, liquid brow pens and gels – but for quick application, the brow pencil is the way to go.

Try Etude House’s Play 101 Pencils in #42 or #49 so they can double as eyeliners too.

If you want the precision of an angled brow brush but the softness of a powder, then go for Shu Uemura’s Hard Formula brow pencil.

The angled shape of the pencil gives you precise application and you can bring it back to the brand’s counters for sharpening any time. (Free of charge, of course.) Just don’t get frustrated if no colour shows up on your brows. The formula interacts with your brow hair’s natural oils so it works better when your brows are a little “wet”, which is easily solved by patting your BB cushion sponge on the brows. Voila.

The look of pencil eyeliner that has been applied quickly is much more forgiving than horribly drawn liquid eyeliner. The smudging from pencil liners is also a lot easier to clean off as compared to gel eyeliners, which can sometimes be very difficult to remove, even if it’s just a tiny smudge on the crease.

Cat flicks are so yesterday. Korean girls are now lining only the outer edges of their eyes.

All you have to do is tight line the eyes from the outer quarter and extend the line down just a little at the edge of your eye. If you still want a cat wing, keep the line thin and make sure the the angle of the flick isn’t too dramatic.


Physicians formula - beauty tips makeup skin care

Ladies, if you’re not trying out eyeshadow, we urge you to start experimenting in 2015. We don’t mean complicated smoky eyes, but single shadows blended up to the crease line – a super quick and easy way to brighten up the eyes.

We recommend going for pearlescent shadows or easy-to-use eye shadow sticks for quick application. Try Dior’s Spring 2015 limited edition Diorshow Kohl in Pearly Green and Pearly Silver.

Watch beauty vlogger Beautifymeeh’s three-minute makeup challenge video for a great example. She brushes on a single purple eyeshadow, then swipes on a silver shadow all over the eyelid, taking less than thirty seconds.

If you want deeper looking eyes, use a single eyeshadow quad so it’ll take the guess work out of matching shades for you.


Ever wondered how K-Starlets manage to flaunt such moisturised looking lips even after covering them with concealer? It’s because a glossy tint is usually layered over to plump and blur lip lines, improving the look of chapped lips. Glossy lip products are usually more moisturising than their satin or velvet finish counterparts, too.

So to quicken your routine, take a hint from K-idol Kim Jaekyung and reach for a gloss that boasts intense colour and moisturising properties like Fresh’s Sugar Shine Lip Treatment which doubles as a lip treatment. For more intense colour, you can also apply a deep-coloured lip crayon first like the K-beauty guru does here.

Stick concealers and highlighters are the most convenient tools to quickly hide imperfections.

Indian beauty makeup tips

The right ones are precise and pigmented like The Face Shop’s new Phytogenic Infinite Ex Concealer Duo. Plus, you can also use the liquid concealer side for flaky acne scars, or when you have slightly more time for blending.

Now you can sleep a little bit longer in the mornings!

Innisfree Water Glow and Long Wear Cushions, $34 each, are available at all Innisfree stores. For more information, visit, and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

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