Rihanna makeup and beauty tips. She Used To Cake On Makeup. Then, She Started Heading To Bed ONE Hour Earlier…

I’ve always loved all the rituals of dressing up for a night out. From picking out the perfect outfit to styling my hair just right, it’s all movie-montage fun to me, complete with a fun soundtrack! Makeup and beauty tips.

After all, a lazy Saturday afternoon before meeting up with girlfriends is the perfect time to experiment with new makeup techniques, like this game-changing trick for applying eyeliner perfectly!

But what if you don’,t have time to do your makeup? Or what if you’,re just not good at putting it on?

Fortunately, there are a lot of simple changes we can all make in our routines that make it easy to skip makeup anytime we feel like it, and still feel fabulous without it!

For years, I thought there was no way I would ever leave the house without at least concealer and mascara, but I quickly learned that with a few lifestyle shifts, it’s totally doable!

Check out the gallery below for a few of our favorite tricks for feeling beautiful without makeup!

1. Stay Squeaky Clean

2. Moisturize Daily

3. Look After Your Health

Blush and bronzer are great for a temporary glow, but nothing beats an active and healthy lifestyle!

Healthy diet and exercise are great for looking and feeling great in the long-term.

Beauty tips and makeup ideas

Exercise boosts circulation to improve complexion and can even help relax away the beginnings of new wrinkles.

A healthy diet, meanwhile, supplies all the important nutrients needed to improve skin tone and grow luscious locks.

Besides all that, a healthy lifestyle serves as an incredible mood booster to increase your positive energy!

4. Sleep Tight

Did you know that, on average, adults need seven hours of sleep a night?

Most of us aren’,t getting as much sleep as we really need, so it might be time to take a close look at improving your sleep patterns.

If you aren’,t getting quality sleep, consider heading to bed an hour earlier, or even sleeping during the time you might have spent on your makeup routine!

Not only will you feel rested and refreshed, you’,ll never have to worry about under-eye concealer again.

Makeup beauty tips youtube

5. Drink Plenty Of Water!

It’,s so easy to forget to drink enough water.

You can be totally focused on eating right and getting active, but hydrating slips through the cracks because most of us don’,t drink until we notice we’,re thirsty.

Instead, keep a filled water bottle on hand at all times, to continuously sip throughout the day.

Drinking plenty of water helps moisturize skin and hair from the inside out, and good hydration fills out the face, reducing the look of wrinkles and pores!

6. Block Out The Sun!

The sun is the great catch-22 of every woman’,s beauty routine. On the one hand, sunning feels great, chases away the blues, and tops up vitamin D.

On the other, getting too much sun is a guaranteed recipe for wrinkles, leathery skin, and worst of all, the risk of skin cancers.

No matter what kind of complexion you have, or how great you look with a tan, it’,s important to wear at least SPF 15 anytime you’,re outside — bonus, it’,s in most moisturizers! — and to use accessories like hats and sunnies to protect other vulnerable areas!

Makeup and beauty tips

You’,ll still get the mood-boosting benefits of the sun without the dangers!

7. Get Grooming

8. Find The 'Do For You

9. Find A Signature Style

10. Wear It With Confidence

Of course, the most important tip for pulling off the bare-faced look and feeling great doing it? Have fun!

Projecting confidence and positive energy is a surefire way to turn heads and look amazing, no matter what your makeup routine looks like.

You know what they say, the best accessory is a smile!

Are you going to try any of these tips for skipping the morning makeup routine? Let us know below!

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