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Over the years, the PeopleAsia team has worked with many talented makeup artists who’,ve shared invaluable tips on the practical science — and art — of effortless beauty. And because we want you to look your absolute best for all the holiday celebrations you’,ll be attending, we share some of the beauty tips, tricks and tools these makeup artists swear you should never live without!

No woman should leave home without applying sunscreen or at least a moisturizer with SPF. It’s a multitasker and helps skin stay hydrated and prevents sun damage. — Sari Campos

(VMV skincare products are a worthy investment you will thank yourself for later)

When shopping for foundation choose two to three shades that you think are closest to your skin tone. Swipe on the side of your cheek, then look in the mirror and squint. The shade that disappears is the correct shade. I prefer to apply foundation first before concealer as this might solve the initial problems of discoloration. From the jawline, blend foundation down towards the neck to avoid demarcation lines. For redness, choose a concealer with a yellow base. For dark circles and shadows, a concealer with an orange base is preferred. Yellow counteracts red, while orange counteracts blues, browns and grays. — Georginna Desuasido

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(Loreal True Match foundation)

I don’t usually pair my eye shadow with my outfit. But for a pop of color on my eyes, I use liquid or crème eyeliner that complements my outfit. But it should only serve as a highlight for the eye shadow. No to matching eyeshadows. — Floe Tapayan

(Catrice Cosmetics’, smoky eyes set gives even makeup novices easy tools to work with)

The Shu Uemura Mini Eyelash Curler is heaven sent. It’s even better than the best-selling eyelash curler because it’s half the size and gives the perfect cat-eye lashes. Put on mascara after curling and feel free to put as many coats as you want. Leave time for mascara to dry in between coats. I apply like 10 coats on myself because I am obsessed with mascara. — Xeng Xulueta

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(Pixy waterproof mascara will get you from 2016 to 2017 without a single smudge)

For instant freshness, apply peach colored blush. It suits all skin types and gives a natural looking flush. Also, when in a hurry, a little lipstain goes a long way. It can be used either in the morning or evening. Apply lipstain on top of lipstick for a more lasting effect. — Anton Patdu

(Bold pigments from MAC get you in the mood for the season’,s festivities)

For longer lasting scent, moisturize your skin (oils will hold the scent longer) and apply scents on your pulse points like the wrist, behind the ears and inside your elbow. The heat will help diffuse the perfume.

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(Estée Lauder’,s Modern Muse)

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